Is it ok to reintroduce masturbation? (once a month)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jungler, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Jungler

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    This is going to sound counterproductive, i know. I don't crave porn as i used to and used to be terribly addicted to it and now i got to the point where i can masturbate without the need of it, Which for me means alot. And it is also the most natural way to release, kind of how our ancestors did without the use of graphic material. No imagination either, just concentrating on the sensation.

    So anyway, i am just short of 50 days porn free but yesterday i fapped to orgasm after 20 days of abstinence. A worth to mention is that i do sometimes look at profile of girls on facebook or whatnot, definitely should be more careful there cause its like switching to light beer.
    I'm considering the whole package of no PMO or No P but MO once a month, basically because I'm too afraid of being too sensitive down there but yet again, doing no PMO will grant me the benefits of semen retention. So it's either one thing or the other.
  2. clapas

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    What is the problem with being sensitive down there? And what is "too sensitive"?
  3. Do not masturbate. Abstaining from it will help you a lot in the long term.
  4. Sugar Shane

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    Once per calender month is the mean between total abstinence and over indulgence, in my humble opinion.
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  5. thinking_differently

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    1. It will greatly increase risks of spiralling back to PMO.
    2. It is likely to become Compulsive MO.
    3. It drains energy and introduces Laziness anyways.

    So here are a few effects of MO.
    The data is presented before you. You have to set the rules of the game and play it. Of course, you want to win it. ;)

    Stay Aware!
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  6. Love2LongBoard

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    Why would abstaining make someone more sensitive? I think that sounds like a justification because it doesn't seem to have any merit.

    Why do so many men think they need to have an orgasm regularly? We don't. This is a belief that we are taught socially. In my opinion, it is entitlement. Men feel entitled to have an orgasm regularly (that can mean different things to different men). That entitlement is one of the deep rooted beliefs that led many of us to where we are. We reinforced this idea from a very young age. When we learned to masturbate we taught ourselves that it is our right to be able to have an orgasm whenever we want to. Society reinforced this belief system.

    I think many of us need to challenge that deep rooted system. If you still believe, deep down, that orgasm is an entitlement that you will have a really hard time with no PM.
  7. clapas

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    It would be great to never masturbate, but you need to understand that sometimes an orgasm (either voluntary or involuntary) can save you from doing crazy stupid things. It's called "post-nut clarity."
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  8. Love2LongBoard

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    I disagree but respect your opinion. My experience tells me that self-control is the ultimate form of clarity. Being in control of my mind, my urges, and my body is how I save myself from doing stupid things. It has nothing to do with orgasm.

    Orgasm is not a right.

    Orgasm is not necessary for clarity.

    To believe that is to justify future masturbation. It is giving yourself the go ahead to masturbate whenever you feel off. I don't doubt that all of us sometimes feel like we need some additional clarity, but masturbation will do the opposite.

    That only is the case when we CHOOSE to think so much about orgasm that we convince ourselves that we can only rest by having one. Self-fulfilled prophecy. Choose to not believe it and you will find greater clarity than you thought possible.
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  9. clapas

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    I guess you never had PAWS. There are body-mind states that you are not able to control with your mind. It's like someone has panic attacks because withdrawals and you say they must have self-control. It simply does not work like that.

    But I am a proponent of abstinence from M of course. I practice it.
  10. IGY

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    NoFap Defender

    First, how do you know that your ancestors masturbated monthly with no imagination, just concentrating on the feeling?
    Secondly, you couldn't even last one month before doing this. Even without the direct influence of porn, you masturbated at two-thirds of a month. :rolleyes:
    Thirdly, you are using p/subs. At least you seem to realise that this is part of your addictive behaviour and must stop.

    If you do return to masturbation, I suggest it is way too early. You haven't even rebooted your brain to "factory settings". Moreover, you do not need to have an orgasm or release semen periodically. The body will take of all that on its own. ;) Finally, I would say: well done for getting to 50 days without porn! I would encourage you to adopt hard mode from now.
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  11. Take it from me, it does not work.

    My AP and I decided to see if I could do "Mindful Masturbation", which is the belief that you could focus on your self-pleasure and your own body when you do it. It worked at first, but after a few weeks, it started to get back into fantasy thoughts and more lustful masturbation and before I could have a full-blown relapse, I switched gears and went right back to hard mode. If you have control over the addiction, then that's a different story, but for the most part, it is not a good idea so please refrain from developing any ideas. Believe me, I have done rode that horse once before.
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  12. SynapticMagic

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    I recommend that my clients go at least 90 days with any solo sexual stimulation. This includes using p subs like pretty girls on facebook. We both know why you're doing that. After that, you can consider including mindful masturbation practices, but as aspiringwriter1997 said, this is a difficult practice to insert into one's life. It requires that you've actually done you due diligence during those 90 days to create habits that help you manage your arousal, stress, etc., as well as doing deep dives into your psyche to solve the problems that you were running from. Doing so before 90 days is like trying to fight the level 10 boss at level 1. You're going to lose.

    As to your question about masturbating once per month to prevent over-sensitivity, that will do absolutely nothing to help your stamina with a real life woman. It's far too infrequent.
  13. pajerito123

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    Go ahead brother don't be too hard on your self. Just avoid porn and porn substitute and try not to fantasy about porn. Everything will be ok.
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  14. Squid_WRLD

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    That's great post man, you're on the point that's the main reason to keep MO ing because that wrong belief system
  15. grffn

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    Very powerful point of view that I never thought about before. Thanks for this post.
  16. DGZ

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    In my opinion, masturbation is like eating junk food by yourself. It takes away your energy and you gain absolutely nothing from it.
  17. Eternal96

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    Thank you Donald Draper
  18. G77

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    I don't think its gonna make you get out of this addiction if you keep masturbating once a month
  19. Mo1989

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    Don't do it. seek romance with a real person its far more rewarding than PMO or any other M or O or P bs. Keep it real. Its worth effort for

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