is taking Camomile Tea Safe??

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  1. PMO addict1

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    Can i take chamomile tea as herbal treatment for Anxiety .. Are thre any side effects ? or is it addictive??
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  2. bulldawg1970

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    From what i looked up it doesn't say anything about being habit forming, and does say it relaxes the mind and can cause sleepiness and can ease anxiety with other benefits so seems harmless
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  3. PMO addict1

    PMO addict1 Fapstronaut

    Ok .I am thinking to drink it daily for my anxiety
  4. safa61947

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    Chamomile tea lowers your blood pressure. If you don't have heart problems then it's probably safe to drink it daily. I used to have anxiety crisis, mainly due to a coffee addiction, crying spells, my skin was super dry. I now changed to green tea (camelia sinensis) due to its lesser concentration of caffeine per cup, and it's been great. Tea is a great option.
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