It's shameful to be virgin in nowdays?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by blunt.ever, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Shame for this thing is pointless my brother. I'm virgin, too. Well, where I live it's customary to stay virgin until marriage. I know you're not here, but keep that in mind, this is your choice. You chose to stay virgin until now, if not, you could simply find a partner. BTW what I'm trying to say is, being virgin isn't something negative or something that makes you ashamed. Virginity is just a state, like being single or married. Soon or late you will have sex with someone. So try to think positively. It's totally normal my friend.
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    once I was about to visit an escort. a friend advised against it n i'm glad I listened to him.
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  3. As a virgin surrounded by sexual degradation and filth that is the collapsing culture, I say that being a virgin is a virtue. It means you resisted the temptation and saved yourself for that special someone in the future. You chose love over lust, integrity over a quick thrill. There is nothing shameful in that because when that person arrives, you can give all of yourself to them in every way. Had it been otherwise, I'd imagine you'd only have a piece of you left, its size depending on how many broken hearts are behind you...never forget that. In fact, I would say that virgins are the real winners in this war for our souls.

    Life is not always about feeling good. In fact it is this insatiable "need" to feel good that gets people into so much trouble. The lack of moderation of this trait has spiraled out of control these days.
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  4. most men are virgins lmao. yes it is shameful but its not weird if you are subhuman.

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