i've been on here a while and I think it's time to say goodbye

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by mijereah, Mar 22, 2015.

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    I think this is it..I don't feel this forum helps me much anymore. I have really read up on most of the topics on and most of them get bland after a while. Today I almost relapsed but I'm going to keep fighting. I think I will get off this thing for a while and not return. So far I have made wonderful progress. Thanks to everyone out there who has helped me or posted in my threads. I have been on this forum for a year now and have run the gamut in terms of all things PMO. There has been so much I've learned including all the psychology, physiology etc.

    But if most of you are really struggling, in which case you probably are or else you wouldn't be here I highly recommend a course that will set you free. This has been one of the pivotal things that has helped me. It's called The Way of Purity. It's a 60 Day course that teaches principles on overcoming sexual sin. Since I am Christian I believe what we face is a spiritual battle. If you want to do the course check out this link here:

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    OK bro all the best. But don't limit your possibilities you can still visit this page now and then rarely. We r here for u.
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    We are here for you bro. Anytime. Go get yourself back. All the best....
  4. Musta

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    take good care bro and keep fighting !

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