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    Helo everyone! I am EMJ.

    It's been a while since I don't watch any porn, and it's the same case with masturbation. The point here is I want to tell you my story. Thanks to my well understanding of sexual comportment, regarding human relationships, is that all the time happens to me that more control and lack of interest I show to other woman in my every day life, as colleagues, friends, and so on, more they want to have sex with me, reaching certain point where I really have to be strong for don't give up to my objectives. It is happening to me all the time and especially with one person in particular, who I have to share my every day life work with.

    What I discovered was how weak people is and how much subjected to their passions they are, getting also into humiliation with some extra beers. The only thing you have to do is just don't have sex with anyone, and analyse everyone's comportment from the outsides of the situation. I also have improved my performance in all sense of life, getting promoted and gaining trustability from the rest of the people's point of view.

    Besides, I could experience the normal feeling for woman who are all the time abused by slave of desires's men but I think no one will take me seriously if I say I feel constantly abused, because I am white and blond. Any way, what I am trying to say is how related are your passions, desires, and your ability to dominate yourself in these regards with the work performance and the leadership and success in human relations.

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