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    Again on day 5

    Well guys idk what to say... idk whats wrong... i started this journey good, with few twoo weeks streaks. I was happy about that and i thought i can progress the thing... but lately i feel bad. I cant even get through 1week now... i do everything the same way as in the start when things were good but i dont do any progress now. Im stepping in a cage...

    i feel like when urge comes, like its not me. I feel like i cant control myself. I feel like forgetting all of my strategy, like avoiding all PMO prevention and just do the thing...

    The worst thging about this are those bad feelings after releasing. I feel really frustrated. Last weeks i keep relapsing every week. I feel like idk what to do. I know, avoiding thoughts etc... but when the thoughts hits me i feel like i can do nothing about that. Even if i go and do smth else, in few minutes urge comes back. I admire peaople who won this fight, or at least could do some serious streak... i feel like this is something impossible.

    Sometimes i can win a fight but sooner or later i just fail again and again... i have a plan what to do (better say what not to do) when i feel horny, like dont go on my computer/internet, dont power-on it.... or go and do smth else. So i can win single urge. But later it gets back in vengeance :O like... stronger that before and u know what? I just cant control it. I go and switch my PC on. I go to my room, shut the door and release... nevermind i know what to avoid, im just not able to do that.

    Idk what to do... to be honest i feel like im fighting a wind mills.... i feel like avoiding porn and masturbation from life is something only the chosen ones are able to achieve. I feel like it doesnt matter how hard i try it, bcos end the end of a day i still relapse and relapse... im not giving up. Im not thinking about giving the thing up... i just dont know what else to do about that atm...

    Im on nofap journey for 3 months now and my longest streak is 17 days...
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    You must not give up! Keep pushing, it's okay to fall! I haven't heard of a single person, that tried Nofap for the first time and beat their adiction. Everybody relapses, because we are humans, and our brain is so messed up that it will later or soon come look for its dosis.

    We are truly successful when after we give everything we got and win.

    But it ain't easy, so keep fighting my man.
    You are truly a wonderful person, and we all believe in you!
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    Duuude, i know how it is, i had that for weeks, a lot of weeks trying to stop the "adicction" months, and one day, i felt so bad, realy bad, like if i was the shittiest person and nothung worse .. like that, depressed. And at that day i decided to stop it forever, guess what, after a week or 2 i relapsed and for some months i kept "destroying me" until i felt even worser and shittier after M. And watching P . So i tried many times to stop this. Now i must say im already one month without M and P and i try to keep it of. Of course its not easy, but you must give yourself a promise and complete it, (if fail try again and promise to stop if you really want it and it) it gets easier after time... and the thoughs are easier to fight after time. Today i thought about M and P actually, i often but i think of how bad it made ME feel, also helps me to come here and read spme stories. If i can man, you can as everyone else can. You are capable of your thoughs and decisions. Remember that, keep it up. by the way, im17. Good luck!

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