Just fapped after 20 days Do i need to start all over?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by qwaiz, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. qwaiz

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    I thought it would never happen to me again and I got it! But today I dream on some girl from my old high-scohol that we kiss and I cum just from that little bit on my pants. little bit because I've stopped it from insticts and woke up.

    When I woke up I was I thought that its not good to cum little bit and not fully because its not healthy..
    So I imaginir her in my mind sex with her and cum.

    Just replased after 20 days. So I need to wait again 30 days to enjoy the benefits of nofap?
  2. helpinghand4all

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    If you voluntarily and consciously "masturbated" then you need to start over, otherwise having a nightfall is OK, but i too had nightfalls earlier, but i stopped them by replacing sexual thoughts with constructive ones.
  3. If it's like a natural dream - it's okay
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  4. qwaiz

    qwaiz Fapstronaut

    Meh. I should not fapped I ruined for my self these all 20 days for nothing!
  5. TimeToQuitNow

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    You should restart if you masturbated after waking up. You should have let the wet dream be a wet dream (don't count wet dreams alone to be a relapse, you can't control it). As someone who has gone 30 it's an amazing feeling. It feels like crossing a milestone. For the first time it feels like I'm on the path to recovery. Acting like this was no big deal and not restarting your counter will just ruin this experience for you. Don't stress! It's only 30 days :p

    You got this!
  6. MrGuyFin

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    If you have a wet dream, let it come. It's your body "maintenancing" itself NATURALLY. You know, you have to use those pipes cause then they can work when you really need them. If you don't do it "manully", your body will do it "automatically".

    For the physically shitty feelings you have after wet dreams there are the same advices as after a relapse:


    I hope you understood my shitty english..
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