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  1. For me, I think internet is an issue. I spend a lot of time on it wasting time. What are some tips for limiting internet time?
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    This is my tips:
    • Uninstall social media apps and only use social media in your browser on your phone or tablet, if you don't want to block them completely.
    • Before you go online, plan what you want to do online and for how long.
    • Start new hobbies away from your pc.
    • If possible pack away your pc and tablet when you don't use them.
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    1st, start with questions, 2nd, set timer. It's unbelievable easy to get lost in the internet and mindlessly surf for nothing. We really need to sort things out before using the internet.
    For example, let's say you're going to use facebook:
    1st, set questions, use facebook for what? if there's no answer, don't use it. You use facebook to contact friends? Who? Private or public? Contact him about what? Or you use Youtube, for what? if it's entertainment, then what kind? video game or music? If it's music, which song or which channel? Limit the number of videos.
    2nd, set timer, could be 30 mins, 1 hour, or 30 mins to 1 hour.

    Your time is saved based on the plan you use before using in internet, don't use it without plan.
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