[long-read article] "Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?"

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by DogDaysOfLife, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Link to article.

    I've seen this article posted all over the place and wanted to share it with the forum here. It discusses just about every perspective (so if you're just angling to confirm your own sexual-politics beliefs, try to see other sides as well). This problem does factor into modern young adults' PMO issues. NoFap is name-dropped in a more flattering light than in the article we discussed here, but we're kind of an eccentric resistance within the broader culture.

    Lack of commitment seems to be one of the most damaging things here. If someone is so attractive that hookup culture actually works for them, it's hard to walk away from that embarrassment of riches. And if someone is so unattractive that hookups don't work at all, they're mostly left with masturbation until they can work their way into a relationship. There is a "soulmate myth" that you have to keep searching for your "just right" partner, as well as a general lack of social skills that lead to relationships. This leads to lots of singles, and heterosexual singles just don't have as much sex as partnered heterosexuals or LGBT singles.
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    Very interesting article, I have just skimmed it quickly but will likely go back to it in detail soon. Thanks for posting.

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