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  1. Dues Ex Machina

    Dues Ex Machina Fapstronaut

    Hello guys,

    I've been watching porn for more than 10 years now, I'm going to turn 24 this month.

    Last December I read about a person called David Goggins and after hearing to his story - about military and all- I got inspired and was able to stop watching porn with out any effort. But when i reached day 27 urges kicked in and i gave up, it was so shocking how i ignored my progress- that was my highest streak without masturbation- and gave in for porn

    For a moment, during orgasm I felt awesome but shame and disgust followed very rapidly in an overwhelming amount. It made me lose respect for myself.

    So after many months, i came across this idea called MEMENTO MORI- which means we can die at any point of time- this made me want to quit porn and reclaim my life so i can focus on my goals. It has been 28 days without porn- yes, i set a new record luckily,- but I encountered urges thrice when i was browsing social media. I tried urge surfing with very difficulty and could somehow control myself.

    The urges were very stong and were convincing me to jerk off as im very weak and that it's better to give in as it is inevitable- after controlling for 45 min or something, i realized that urges were gone and made me feel glad for not giving in and also scared how that progress could have been destroyed.

    Guys, I consider myself to be a hardcore addict and i also believe truly that i'm not the person who i have become today and there is a chance for change.

    So I'm here without any target or strategy- except urge surfing. I want to have an accountability partner to get rid of this addiction

    It would be very helpful if you could share what you think, warnings etc. Thanks, Love.
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  2. Hopeismain

    Hopeismain Fapstronaut

    I am 24, Indian ,Hardcore pmo Addicted too.. If you are still looking please message me
  3. Dues Ex Machina

    Dues Ex Machina Fapstronaut

    hey man, i actually found an accountability partner but we both can collab as well. send me your email id, i you agree

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