Looking for an physical exercise advice (quarantine)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by CanDoe, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Hello all,

    Even though my country hasn't enacted quarantines yet, I decided to self-isolate myself for the next three weeks during which the university is closed.
    I need to exercise in my room but I don't really know how to. Or, to be precise, I don't have a routine to follow and I need someone who has knowledge about these things to give me advice. This advice can range from directing me to a source where I can learn routines appropriate to my level or simply recommending me a routine.

    So, my body is relatively weak and fat. I can hardly do a full push-up twice, so I do the one where my knees are on the ground so like 3/4's of a push-up but even while doing that my body keeps twitching. Today I did ~45min of exercise in my room: 50 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 20 3/4 push-ups and 15 pull-ups.
    I also tried that thing where you lean on a wall while bending your legs 90 degrees as if there's a chair below you and try to stay like that (what's that called?) I managed to stay for 20 seconds. It's a great way to slow time:D I feel like my legs are an overloaded RAM that slowly burns as I try to stay in position. feels like torture tbh.

    Anyway, I also need someone to tell me how long would exercising at my room everyday will take for me to put on some muscle.. because I need to see the horizon if I'm going to continue like this everyday. I never developed a habit to go to gym but I think I can spare an hour most of my days to exercise in my room.

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    My Journal
    Wall sit
    and you should train your legs, your goal should be to reach 1 minute at the end of your trainings(not tomorrow, don't exaggerate :) )
    Anyway I am in quarantine from 2 weeks and will be for the next 3(I am Italian), and my advice is just to search the internet my friend, when you don't search for P it can became the best source of information.
    I mean you have your personal goals about yourself, and whatever they are internet will have the right workout for you.
    Personally in quarantine I am focusing on upper muscles, I do a lot of push up, sit ups, various type of plank and so on, also squats and other leg exercise but less than the ones for the upper body, but as stated internet is full of videos/tutorial while in here we are just people like you, we give advice the best we can, but this does not mean we give the best advices :)
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    I am Chinese. When I was quarantined for 2 weeks, I relapsed. Before that I had 100 porn, my suggestion is that during your isolation, you must set up tasks for yourself, such as doing 50 push-ups today, you must complete
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    With a personal trainer I remember reaching 30 seconds couple of months before.. much harder to keep discipline alone without a trainer. but PT was expensive, can't access it again.

    I should've done that :D but I feel like everything online is for people who can already do all kinds of exercises. I need something for weaklings like me lol. But I'll definitely search. Thanks!
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  5. All I can say is keep it simple. You really don't have to incorporate all those complicated exercises especially since you're a beginner. Just focus on the simple exercises such as push ups, dips, pull ups, squats, etc. and work on nailing the form and increasing your reps (if you can only do bodyweight exercises). If you can, you should invest in a pair of dumbbells as that's really all you need to hit every muscle in the body. Also, don't ignore diet. It's more important than the exercise. You can't expect to get a better body if you keep eating snicker bars all day. Try to add more healthy foods to your diet.
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    Look on Youtube for some at home tutorials
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  7. Or try some yoga, you can practice it easily from home.
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    Doesn't really matter to much what you are doing, maybe some squats, pushups, chinups, calf raises. Just try and do more everyday. Do 5 sets of as many as you can do, then the next day get 1 or 2 more reps.
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