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    Hi everyone.
    It's hard to fight during these quarantine days, and I'm not talking about relapsing and porn.
    It's hard to find time to enjoy this life, to work out.
    I can't find the motivation to do anything, I'm stuck.
    During winter I could rely on going out with friends or going to school, but now I can't, We can't.

    So the question is pretty simple:
    How could we manage to survive during this quarantine?
    I always managed to stick to my habits, but now It is becoming more and more difficult.
    I am in a state of infelicity, caused by being constantly at home.

    Which activities do you usually do to keep you happy during quarantine?
    I can't find joy in everything. Maybe it's a flatline and I can't recognize it, but today I still had an erection, it can't be that.

    Thanks in advance for your precious help!
  2. Shadow™輝ツ

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    My Journal
    Maybe do some cycling? Or gaming? I usually spend my time doing whatever stuff I can find to keep me busy, even gardening is fun, other then that idk man.
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  3. It is hard indeed man.
    First quarantine I was in the worst zone my friend( I know you're Italian, so let me tell you that I was born in the hospital they all blame for the quarantine, and I live nearby).
    Totally closed at home.
    It was tough as well.
    Just at home, watching tv everyday to see those numbers.
    I couldn't go out.
    Or to university.
    Or anywhere.
    But I had a home, and I had myself, and you have as well.
    That's all you need.
    Find the way. As shadow did, we could suggest some hobbies.
    But maybe you don't have a garden. Or you hate gaming.
    We can't know.
    Our help is limited.
    The answer is in you.
    You want to be better for example?.
    Now that you're home from school is the perfect way to follow a course extra apart from school.
    Are you working?
    It is the best moment to follow a course extra to upgrade your job.
    You don't feel fit?
    It is the best moment to challenge yourself.
    Do as push ups as you can everyday.
    The goal is that tomorrow you will make more push ups than today.
    You feel down?
    It is the best moment to watch some good films, or to read some good book.
    You feel bored?
    It is the best moment to contact some friends to have some gaming and have a nice chat.

    The wrong assumption is that I can the answer for you.
    I don't.
    You have.
    And the answer is that you have something you want to do.
    I am sure of it.
    And guess what?
    Now it is the best moment to do it.

    This storm will eventually pass, and you need to make sure that at the end of the storm you will be prepared
  4. Aléxandros

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    I usually don't play games. I realised it was hurting my brain and my self-discipline.
    But maybe I should try playing something chill, it will help me for sure.
    Hope it doesn't bring me to lose interest in every thing I am doing now!
  5. Aléxandros

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    Thanks for your words, they made me feel better.
    I should really try finding something to treat myself.
    A good book, a nice workout (that I don't do since two weeks ago), a nice film, a nice game session (If that makes me feel better)
    Maybe I should talk with my friends more, on discord, maybe every evening.
    I feel a little depressed at the moment, today I just didn't do anything.
    Just feeling tired af, mentally and physically.

    I know I shouldn't give up. I need to be a warrior, even at this moment.
    In order to get stronger for better periods.
    I will do it, I am sure about that.
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  6. Testify

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    Go out for shopping, buy food, talk to the shop owners. If ypu have parents or friend living near you, go visit them.
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  7. thinking_differently

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    You can definitely do these at home for workout:
    Spot run for 10-15 minutes. Situps, pushups. Conclude with stretching exercises and Yoga.

    Make the quarantine a Transformation for yourself. When you come back out of it, You’ll be different. And although Many may not express it, a lot will feel the difference.

    Work on being a better vibe. Get Closer to your Academic goals.

    You got this bro! See what excites you to the core. That’s gonna be your passion and your profession.
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  8. SoaringEagle

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    Depending on what you think about the covid thing and if the "government" is trying to "help" or if you can see behind the facade the very hard truth about our house arrests. Slaves were ordered to wear muzzles if they were trouble makers, needing a permit to go out or move is also the hallmark of a slave.

    The way it helps me deal with it, is to know that my enemies are trying to destroy me, not just me of course but everyone excluding a tiny few.
    Everywhere around the world, those vested with real power and control can still move around in private jets and have parties and their wealth and power only increased. But plebs have to live in a prison.

    I think that burying one's head in the sand and just trying to focus on filling your time with hobbies without seeing the bigger picture won't do it, it just won't do it to be turned into a slave and not bother about it.
    Of course I agree with everyone on sports, and doing something good with your time and transforming yourself but things must be made with the mindset that you are being unjustly imprisoned and that you are fighting so that they do not defeat you. Everything they do is to make us weak, helpless and most importantly of all compliant so that restructuring the world can go unhindered.
  9. Aléxandros

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    Thanks, @Testify !
  10. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    Thanks man, gonna follow your precious advice!
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  11. Aléxandros

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    Today I woke up feeling good.
    Didn't snooze in bed for hours, but woke up in time for my lessons with a motivational alarm!
    Ready for my day!
  12. Testify

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    I'm glad to find smarter than mediocrity standard when it's about this very topic.
    Have you any idea of how hard is to be tretaed as a fool conspiracy theorist by the 99% of the population? I go outside without a,mask and the same people you trying to inform, treat you as a demon.
    But i think that, as you say, knowing the truth helped me to remain sane. Or at least i hope so...
    My biggest issue is that by breaking the rules, i loose my money, and i need them to take care of my particular rare health condition. They are blackmailing us. Those pigs!
    But at least i do not fear this fake pandemik.
  13. SoaringEagle

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    Yes it is a challenge to say the least, at the beginning of this mess I was very frustrated because I believe like you or any who had researched things, we understood where this was going, at a time when the majority was thinking it was just for 2 weeks (even now, some think it will be over soon and life back to "normal").

    But while it is still painful for me to see for example a person alone in his/her car wearing a mask! I understand there is a large portion of people who will simply do whatever the system propaganda tells them to, even if it is clear it does not make any sense. There are others who understand the propaganda but just do things out of compliance and wanting to focus on their selves and have the mindset of:" what difference does it make". The few "stubborn" ones who refuse to give in no matter what, are very few indeed.

    The system control in its basis is monetary, I personally also struggle with the fact that income/savings/cost of living are all sort of hanging in the air right now. You never know what they will pull next, or how it will be when they really start enforcing vaccines, they are not going to make it easy for those who do not want to comply.

    Living in unpredictable conditions, is psychologically a lot harder than a constant stream of predictable hardships, and they know this! That's why they make us live in an unpredictable situation, that's why so many people are drained out and can't function properly.
    Parents who are not consistent (those who sometimes are good and happy with the children and then beat them up when they do the exact same thing, are worst than those who are for example physically abusive but on a consistent predictable basis)

    Functioning optimally in these conditions is actually very close to the skills needed by special forces and spies! One of the most important things for these "professions" is to be able to function under conditions of high uncertainty. It is not easy to live daily while not knowing what tomorrow will bring or to be under constant threat (that of an oppressive government of course and not of the flu). Palestinians in the parts of Palestine which are awaiting liberation since 1967 do it everyday, they are always under constant threat of being shot, children kidnapped or their homes demolished by zionist supremacists but they manage to live with these conditions.

    I think one should accept that the very worst could happen and live with the fact, otherwise life will be unbearable. Anyway I wrote too much and I think I strayed off what the OP intended for this thread.

    Not sure if you are already familiar with Mark Passio, but I've been going over his work recently on natural law, in which he advocates that government is slavery and it's more true than ever now.
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  14. Testify

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    Well, to be fair, things are not that unpredictable. Now a mask is required to enter in a store. Then a vaccine along with an immunity passport will be required to enter in a store. Then the immunity passport will be an app to get installed of your phone in order to enter in a store. Then you will use the same app to pay and get paid, since the currency will all be digital. Then you will consider to install a subcutaneous chip (if you lose your phone, you are nothing, and you don't want that to happen) in order to enter in a store. And then it's done, you are a slave. Because if you disturb the system or you are simply useless, they can delete you in a second. No money, no identity, no access to your house. Nothing. So, i would not say it is so unpredictable.

    To our friend alexandros. I used to take my bike and go shopping very far. And cuddling stray dogs and cats encountered on the streets. And talk to friends.
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    Uh, this might help you alexandros
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