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    My first tip would to not lay in bed unless you're extremely tired and falling asleep is assured. Waiting for sleep to come is as stupid as sitting at the dining table waiting to get hungry.

    After a few times it even becomes counterproductive since your brain associates your bed with alertness and impatience. Getting sleepy requires intelligent work in a society of academically, psychologically conditioned productivity. If you aren’t creating value, then you have no worth. Wicked way of living if you ask me, madness doesn’t even start to describe.

    2nd, do you use F.lux on your devices?

    Too much blue light at night makes your brain think the sun is still up. There's a rather intuitive theory revolving around that - if we should explore that line of thought more. Just give me the signal and we’re set.

    3rd, workout at mornings. Don't eat big or ingest high sugar-sodium at least 4~ hours before sleep.

    4th. Don't run from boredom after the sun has settled. As your day comes to an end, actually make an effort to be as bored as your mind can handle. It will make the expectations for tomorrow healthier, challenges more enjoyable and the little things you found uninteresting before will begin once again seem more fulfilling, just like when you were a kid.

    If you're always stimulating your mind, always doing something trivial to keep you occupied - then that sameness will produce unnerving anxiety - capable of overflowing stress to unrelated fields of your routine. Avoiding stillness does incalculable damage to your psyche.

    If you're moving 100% of the time, you can't differentiate and have perspective on what means to move in the right direction or where to stop walking a road of catastrophe.

    Perhaps that's why you overthink, you're searching for meaning under every stone. Allowing yourself to stop will make your moves much more meaningful.

    It's not easy to tame a mind which was raised in a context of ubiquitous hyper-stimuli. We are subject to caffeine and obnoxious amounts of sugar very early through Soda, candy, etc.

    It's only natural that you feel discomfort when attempting to slow down at first, but I ask you to keep going despite the Tsunami of negative emotion. You shouldn't want to succeed from the get go, first you should inoculate yourself by exposing your mind to what feels most unpleasant. When you get yourself enough scars then you can think about reducing failure.
    Fear is your friend here, make it your compass towards growth.

    There's too many variables for you to focus on the short game after just starting. You're fighting against years of conditioning here, pay it's due respect, work towards the long run and exercise patience.

    I overthink more than I'd like too these days, old habits die hard I guess. I'm not asking you to delete that aspect of your personality. I'm guiding you to a place where You can use it rather than It using You.


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