Mandalorian Challenge 100 Days + [OPEN]

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So you want to be a Mandalorian?

  1. “This is the Way”

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  2. “Hell no, paint a target on my back?”

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  1. Wolfyoufeed

    Wolfyoufeed Fapstronaut

    Day 0 still, killed 2 random urges, kept away from sugar (NoFap bane in my case).

    I keep reminding myself: “the wolf you feed is the one that wins”

    Simple equation that works for me, starve the bad thoughts or anything that undermines my determination, while feeding positive thoughts.

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  2. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    Day 4

    Once again, no urges to speak off. I have been much happier today. I haven't gotten angry over anything even once. There is no doubt a relapse screws up my emotions for the worse. I feel like a load has just been lifted and I don't have to be angry at myself and the world.

    Mindfulness Meditation: Day 2 of 5
    Reading the book Letting Go by David Hawkins: Page 70 of 217
    No Social Media: Day 2 of 5
    Reading material from Recovery Nation Workshop: Day 2 of 5
    No Using internet past 7 PM: Day 2 of 5
    Practice Relapse Prevention Plan 3 times a day: Day 2 of 5
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  3. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    day 0

    oh my this is messy

    i fap even tho im not horny geez man
  4. Mescalito

    Mescalito Fapstronaut

    Day 0 too ^^

    I tapered down my porn use and masturbation frequency during the last few days pretty successfully.
    Now it's time to fully enter hardmode in mind an body. Just deleted some screeshots and pictures, blocked my most common pornsites.

    let's do it.
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  5. goldchain

    goldchain Fapstronaut

    Day 41. My last check-in was on day 26.

    I'm still with you brothers, just refocused from no PM to my daily life. Now I have regular sex with new girl, second weekend she staying in my home for couple days.

    I feeling good because of no PM, more confident, anxiety almost gone. Girls see that and I'm happy :)
    Now I deserve wrist Mounted Grapple Hook & Gauntlets, nice. @Wolfyoufeed can you give me that?
  6. Wenceslaus935

    Wenceslaus935 Fapstronaut

    Day 40. Hey guys haven't posted in a while!

    Have kept on the straight and narrow with regards to PMO but have strayed from the path a little with regard to broader self-improvement. Going to redouble my efforts this week!

    This is the way.
  7. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    day one

    constant dizzy, stress and depresed during the day....

    i installed some blocker on my phone and surprisingly it have good result....especially at blocking my browser

    i revise my mini target, my target is 7 day's now

    this is the way
  8. discovery

    discovery Fapstronaut

  9. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    Day 6

    It's been easy this time round to stay away from porn thus far. No urges! I also feel much lighter emotionally. I am beginning to feel good again. I think mindfulness meditation may have something to do with it.

    Mindfulness Meditation: Day 4 of 5
    Reading the book Letting Go by David Hawkins: Page 70 of 217
    No Social Media: Day 4 of 5
    Reading material from Recovery Nation Workshop: Day 4 of 5
    No Using internet past 7 PM: Day 4 of 5
    Practice Relapse Prevention Plan 3 times a day: Day 4 of 5
  10. Anakin66

    Anakin66 Fapstronaut

    Day 101, check in. Glad to see all those who have fallen are on their way back up. It's been a challenge to stay focused lately. I don't know, is it covid19? Are you guys still on lockdown? Or is it the change is season? It's almost summer here now. The heat brings all kinds of urges...
  11. Day 13.

    Far out, hard to believe that it's 5 days since posting. It's been okay mostly, except for today: Lottttts of wasted time, and I've now blocked Reddit on PC (not an issue on phone). It was also a day of urges, which was very close. "Tested" my blocker, and immediately closed anything NSFW that came up and blocked its domain. It's still a stupid thing to do btw...even downloaded some comics using an alternate method, opened then closed. "WTF am I doing?"

    As @Wolfyoufeed says, "The wolf you feed, is the wolf that wins." I've saved that picture btw. It's a really good reminder.

    @Unhommebinsoft - Err, large response below...

    Life on hold - heh, yep, it is the way you describe, but I've never experienced it before this relationship. With the others though I was also working a lot and had more of a busy life, so not as much time to stress about it haha. (although I feel crazy busy right now, it's only cos my time management skills have fallen apart after 18 months of not working :eek:) She's also very different from others, with pros & cons of course.

    Your questions are really good...I've actually had your post sitting in a notepad file for the last couple of days to review, but haven't gotten very far. The main things I've come up with as to why it hurts, what I'm searching for etc:
    - I get a real sense of connection and value when people are willing to share their struggles with me. But, being kept at arms length by her (both now and when we were dating): I think it must mean something about ME, that I'm not worthwhile, trustworthy, good enough etc, and that hopes of getting back with her are dashed
    - It hurts because she is hurting (still grieving loss of dad & grandad within 24 hours, and got other life stuff going on which is hard), and there's nothing I can do, and there's this big grey area as to what's appropriate now that we're "just friends" (how often to call etc). I also just feel pretty used at times.
    - I miss her, the time spent together and the physical intimacy (not sex, just being on the couch together etc).

    The bit about "in my face", nah I know my housemates aren't doing it deliberately, but I don't think they understand anything about how hard I'm finding it.

    How I'm gonna get out of it: I'm praying for wisdom on exactly that. Main thoughts for now are to keep doing my goals, including getting plenty of quality time with good friends, and to try to move her to the background of my thoughts while still occasionally making time to chat with her. I'm struggling with discipline though, same as you it sounds like.


    Good to hear you've been able to get some more clarity on both the positive and negative sides of that relationship with your ex. What's your plan?

    Oh guitar is a great idea.

    Anything in particular you'd recommend from Jordan Peterson?

    Wishing you all the best with your decisions too :)

    Oh I love this! Quick-booting: Bo-yeah!

    Man that sounds tough. How's it going now with the dizziness, weakness, sleeping etc?

    Go @Gonarth :)
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  12. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    welcome bro to the clan, but wait for the chief to give the official welcoming tho

    wow nice streak bro, lock down is not an option in my country, from the beginning there is no lockdown

    in my country we make it normal,, its called the new normal,,,,its like normal but u must use mask and do social dystancing that's all

    tbh not quite good bro, dizziness and weakness still occurred but for sleeping i think its better now

    but its on me, it was my fault to give up to porn. so i must bear with it

    this is day 2 for me, my mini target is 7 day...
  13. Wenceslaus935

    Wenceslaus935 Fapstronaut

    Day 42 check in - this is the way.
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  14. Feeling really down today again, and cancelled a phone call with an overseas friend. It would be so easy to escape to porn. It's a beautiful sunny day today though, and it's calling me to go for a bike ride instead, which I haven't done in weeks.

    Best wishes hollyman. You can do this.

    Review reasons for quitting, goals for future, imagining who you want to be, get some exercise, clean the house, play a game, meditate, heck - even sleep, do whatever healthy thing you've gotta do that helps you stay away from this scourge that we are putting to death.

    I'm sure you know this stuff (and have been on here for longer than me) but I still find it helpful to be reminded occasionally :)

    You can do this.
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  15. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    maybe you are tired or not in the mood, go get your "Me Time" everybody need to have a proportional "me time" and dont forget to calling ur friend after couple of day's tho..lonely and boredom its a deadly duet that might harm your streak..

    keep strong
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  16. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    thank you for the kind words bro.
    now i have atleast 3 positive activities that i do almost every day
    - exercise
    - sleep earlier
    - assembling model kit

    and tbh its feel's good, hope it work to at least pass the first 7 day

    day 3
  17. Unhommebinsoft

    Unhommebinsoft Fapstronaut

    Hey man! I see that you've experienced something new with this girl, it's good! I think it's a wise decision to acknowledge the fact that even if she's something special, you still decide to put it in the back of your thoughts to not let it destroy you. 18 months without working? :eek: What happenned?

    Thanks bro, I'm happy that you post-noted them :) It's fun to receive confidence from others, it means in a certain way that they love you. Mmmm... do you often feel like she neglect you when she does that? It might be unconscious and probably she doesn't want that, but that's how you feel so clearly there is something that's hurting you in the seeking of her attention, her love, etc. ... why are you feeling like you're not worthy? I know it might sounds ridiculous to ask that question because often the answer is because I don't like myself... but why are you feeling like this? Is that wrong to feel that way, considering your background and everything that made who you are?


    The part about that girl where you feel used sometimes is also something I experienced. I caught myself a lot in these toughts when i'm with my ex, like I'm used or just here to make her feel good... but on the other side, this is something I'm craving because I feel loved in these moments and feel like my life have a meaning, which is not something called "love" in some ways. Is it something that you experienced, the craving of being like a "savior" to her? It was important to me to impose self-respect in this relation, because if not: then she can do whatever she wants with me... and that's what is scary. Hope that is not the case with you! But you know her better than me ahahaha, you know it might because she just need to take her own time, and that doesn't mean that she is threatening you and your relatonship. Women can be complicated sometimes ahaha (but men too xD)

    Than proceed to plan, wish you the best man


    Like I said, there's good and bad in relationships. My plan for now is just to enjoy summer with her while respecting what I need and she needs too and if it's not going good, I know I can escape the relation if it's going too far. Also, intimacy is something so crucial, I understand it now because when I'm seeing her, hugs are like an health potion and I like to give her pleasure, and I love when she give me too so it's good in some way :p

    This video my friend:

    Thanks mate, this is the way
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  18. Unhommebinsoft

    Unhommebinsoft Fapstronaut

    How was the bike ride? :)
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  19. Unhommebinsoft

    Unhommebinsoft Fapstronaut

    You can do this man! How are you feeling in your days?
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  20. Unhommebinsoft

    Unhommebinsoft Fapstronaut

    How are your things going @Gonarth ? Sounds like you're able to do a lot and cool stuff too, keep it this way! :)
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