My Computer Blocking System if anyone interested

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  1. HarryTrevor

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    I think I have a fairly good computer system in place for P blocking. I've been messing around with it for a few months and fixing any way around it whenever I find a loophole. I don't know if anyone is interested in anything like this, as I don't see anyone talking about these kind of things. But if anyone is interested let me know. It's not my software. I've just been adding to the list of things and words to block, and the settings. I guess I could post it here but it might be too long of a post I might have to email it or do some other way.
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  2. jarvyjarvison

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    If you can't do it here, dropbox it.
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  3. FoxTwo

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    If you build a strong and safe system to block porn from internet,pretty soon you will become rich.
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    I've been using Net Nanny. Don't really need it now since I can easily defeat it right now (I have the parental controls open so I can fine tune it -- it's too aggressive out of the box, it actually blocked this site) and have only looked at porn once to see if I would get a rise out of it (I didn't, or not much). But when it's all set up I can copy down the password and put it somewhere where I can't get it, so it will be more secure -- not entirely of course, there's no way to do that, but to the point that it will be a pain to circumvent so I'll be less likely to give in to impulse. It's a nice backstop.

    I also installed StayFocusd, which is a great program that lets you choose sites to limit time on. So I set the total maximum to 2 hours a day and put my big time wasters in there. So far it's working great. It's even easier to get around than Net Nanny, it only works with Chrome, but it's been sufficient so far.
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  5. HarryTrevor

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    Here is a link to a document explaining what I am doing. Feel free to ask questions and I will try to respond quickly.

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  6. gordie

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    One thing that I really like about K9 is that you can disable the splash page, so that instead of getting that override option directly on the page (that only requires an admin password... that YOU set, most likely) K9 will just kill the webpage. I use another app called StayFocusd that makes me type out a huge paragraph perfectly, no mistakes or it resets, if I want to get on social media or Reddit past a 20 minute a day limit.

    But I haven't really become more productive at all, if I have to be honest.
  7. HarryTrevor

    HarryTrevor Fapstronaut

    I don't think K9 exists anymore, when I was trying to find what software to use I found it it was phased out and was bought by another company (norton I believe)
  8. HarryTrevor

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    I like this. It has been a pain in the ass trying to edit the software settings and lists to try to make it secure. I like the simpleness of putting it in a box and being done with it. There is something stressful about constantly having to mess around with it. You say that K9 still exists, it is just a part of Norton? In other words if I bought Norton K9 is in it, although maybe a different name?
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    That seems really interesting and useful, I'm definitely going to give it a try. What's fun is that I just got a new monitor, as I've been wanting one for sooo long, it was ridiculous. Now with sitting inside the house all day, it was the perfect opportunity to get a new monitor, so I went on with researching and I found one on bestbezellessmonitor. It's my dream to have one like the one that I got. The funny thing is that now when I see an ad like that I can't hold myself from doing it. I mean it just looks so much better on a screen like this one, that I actually have to do it, so your program could definitely help.
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