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my first success story but not the last !

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Berlin2019, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Berlin2019

    Berlin2019 Fapstronaut

    Hi guys,

    I want to share with you my own personal achievement ! four months clean of PMO unbeleivable !

    when you are able to self control yourself and not masturbate it opens doors to other parts in your life which you can control. and then you get the grip over your life.

    My achievments so far :

    emotional stabilation - I think this is the main cause of PMO also my best achivment so far. during the reboot process I learned a lot about myself. It wasn't easy, slowly slowly I'm starting to stable my life. My emotional state was wracked as a child I were abused emotionaly, I didn't get any treatment and as a result I continued to abuse myself.

    sexuality - huge improvment, I'm starting to feel sensations, before I started the reboot i used to jerk as a routine and that caused me to feel numb in the genitals and now it is like I have a new part in my body that I wasn't aware of.

    physical health - my frequent urination almost completely healed, my skin face is a lot less oily and getting better by the day, rhinitis cured and many more that i'm probably not aware of.

    Neurosis - way way way way better, brain fog gone, anxieties & phobias almost gone, I feel a huge improment and a lot of additional work to do.

    social anxity - getting better by the day.

    confidence - huge improvment but not enough.

    My current challanges :

    My main diffculty, I'm foucsed on the process and I can't see what is going to be ahead. I feel a blockage, I'm guessing there are so many, so far I passed many of them but there is always somthing new that i'm not aware of. i'm patient but I deeply want to go ahead and fulfill my self. since i started rebooting I expirenced a lot of positive mental achivments.

    My motivation is very low in life, my mind isn't letting go, it is a daily challange. for the first time in my life i'm aware of my bad situation and I deeply want to solve it and continue on yet this is another achivment for me.

    I whish you all will understand that there is nothing positive in masturbation. eliminate it totally there are a lot of evedince that it is damaging the body and the mind don't surrender to the temptation ! everytime you overcome temptation you are getting stronger physically and mentally.

    Best of luck to you all
  2. Wuzzaap

    Wuzzaap Fapstronaut

    How did u manage to resist the really strong urges .
    Did u do the cold showers which everyone been talkin about
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  3. The line about continuing to abuse yourself was important for me. I have done the same.
    Well done on progress so far, and thanks for posting.
  4. Berlin2019

    Berlin2019 Fapstronaut

    also cold showers. i will do whatever is needed, be creative, go out surround yourself with things that will help you to distarct you mind.

    once you're truly decide to stop PMO nothing will stop you ! i'm not going to stop, once i deeply understood the damages there is no question about it I will not masturbate I prefer to cut my hand.

    The best tip I got is don't touch your penis just don't ! while clearing the mind from sexual thoughts if you won't clear your mind eventually you will break.

    be total in the process.

    good luck
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  5. Wuzzaap

    Wuzzaap Fapstronaut

    Clearing my mind . I needed to hear that . Thanx man
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  6. Well done! Keep it up!!
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  7. ANAnyone

    ANAnyone Fapstronaut

    What do you mean by frequent urination?
    Did you pass lot of clear urine and full bladder volume each time.

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