My NOFAP/SR Journey as a 17 year old, (Questions with WD/Nocturnal Emissions)

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    I have been on PMO For 30 days today I see so much benefit even now in the early stages Im very bummed out because today I had a nocturnal emission and woke up 10 seconds after it happened to feel very ashamed of myself, I will NOT give up now and In the past I had issues withporn use since a young age but Now that Ive turned around my life , I am working out everyday and eating all the right nutrients and getting all the vitamins and minerals I need. See, Last night I went to bed and when I woke up this morning I had a nocturnal emission and I feel so guilty and ashamed that I couldn’t hold my seed in. (Been practicing muscle techniques to hold semen).. I want to know if this is a reset to my days And. during nocturnal emissions, Am I letting out my full seed? I feel like the benefits I gained over this past month has decreased But I still got a lot of energy and Im motivated. When Nocturnal emissions happen are we releasing our full sperm count or a fraction of our sperm? Wish everybody a great day. Im a lil Bummed out but theres not much I could do . Im going to continue my journey and post more on Nofap,, Just made this account today. Meditation has been amazing on SR/Nofap But will this pretty ‘above average’ emission where I woke up with a semi-big stain in my pants effect the whole experience as a whole and send me back multiple steps or to the beginning before I started SR/NoFap How many days will I take to recover from a emission btw?. - just a 17 year old trying to get his life together very early on. Thank you, Best Regards .. Eric

    Have a great day everybody, and Thank you if you respond to my first post on this forum.

    My personal log
    10/03/2020 - NOFAP DAY 1
    10/12/2020 - NOFAP WET DREAM 1
    11/3/2020 - NOFAP WET DREAM 2
    30 days No P/M but O Related to A nocturnal emission
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    I had one last night as well. I’m not ashamed of mine but kinda glad it happened. It’s a good thing as long as it doesn’t lead to relapse. A nocturnal emission doesn’t mean you relapsed.
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    Most of the time the wet dreams comes from the succubus that enters in your dreams so you might want to watch out and also do your best to not to have sexual thoughts and fantasies throughoutthe day because that also causes to have wet dreams too.
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