My speech to a woman who does not wear modestly

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    I agree with @confused thinker for the most part. This is all a lot less cut and dry than either side is making it sound. Theres more nuance in this than just saying men have free will and can control themselves, or men are pigs who cant control their desires.
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    I don't want to get into a philosophical debate about choice and free will. My only point was that people who rape or sexually abuse/harass someone because of the way they dress lack moral values/moral behavior and consequently can't make the choice to not act on their natural instincts. Addicts in contrast do possess moral values/moral behavior, but they are compartmentalized, so the addiction might "override" their will to always behave absolutely morally right in a certain situation. In that moment an addict might not have absolute choice, but like said, they have the choice to start resisting their addiction and make better choices for and in the future.
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    But men can control themselves... surely? Every action is a choice. Of course addiction is a choice. The first time we PMOd it was a choice. So was the second time. And the third, and the most recent one. We might hate porn but when we chose to watch it we don’t base that choice on our values, we base it on our lust. Still a choice. Just because we don’t like the repercussions it causes in our lives but keep going back to it, we have choice. We can hate porn 100% of the time, but relapse in 1% of the time because we choose ignore how we feel about it. But like others have said, we shouldn’t expect people to change for our freedom, but we also shouldn’t limit our lives because of them. Naked or in a burqa, there is still a risk from men who would choose to take advantage of someone, but that doesn’t mean women should hide inside.
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    I don't think it's that simple... humans are really complex creatures. If a kid finds porn and starts m'ing to it I don't necessarily think the kid was in control then but if as an adult they continue the behaviour then I think you could say they chose to be an addict although I think that one is debatable too.
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