My wife is a webcam model

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by gentle_zergling, Feb 8, 2018.

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    I think it will make things even more challenging for me. I've told her that I have this problem, but it's not the source of the stress I cause her. We have a normal sex life, but I'm always left wanting more. She'll start her day in the mornings either cooking breakfast or workouting and leave me in bed. Some days I don't get out of bed until I get off. Even if I do get out, I'll get off while I'm in the shower.

    She works from home, and I work downtown. I occasionally check on her from work too see how her day is going. This has sometimes triggered me at work. I told myself if it ever comes to that, I would admit I have a problem and get help, but it came and went and I continued. Now I need it to stop.

    On her slow days, I want to come home and be as supportive as I can be for her. I help her with photos, videos, and editing; and she is so gorgeous it triggers me. She's very successful and serious about her work, and I want to continue to support her. Having more energy and motivation to be the man she deserves would be a great start.
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    I dont mean to offend you but I consider webcam industry very much like Porn industry, the industry that has destroyed many people and families. However, I understand that we all need to do something to make a living, isnt it. In that way your wife is just a person like all of us.

    Good luck with your nofap journey
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    Wow, that's deep.

    I don't think you can help her with work and reboot at the same time. Hope you find a way to be healthy, I have no idea what that would entail for you though. Good luck man. More challenging indeed.
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    No offense taken and thanks for understanding. :)

    I've never had anything against sex workers or the porn industry. I know the it isn't harmless or blameless, just like any capitalist industry, but I am the only one accountable for my actions. One way or another, I will need to find peace living in world were temptations exist.
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    You’re like an alcoholic who works as a bartender.
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  6. People like you are her best customers. There's got to be some sort of conflict of interest going on here.
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    Back to the original thread ...

    Yes, and no. I remember a guy on here ages ago, @ghostly1105, who lived in LA and counted porn stars among his friends. It was their stories about what happened to them in the industry that motivated him to stop using porn.

    I hope your wife eventually finds a job that is more intellectually and emotionally rewarding, but until then her employment need not stand in the way of your sobriety. You have your own morals and goals:
    And as a motivation, that is a great start.

    Triggers you to what? Back to porn or into fantasising about sex with her (your wife). Some people here try to avoid erotic fantasies altogether while they are 'rebooting' but for others fantasies about their wives and girlfriends are OK. You set the parameters of your reboot.

    Are you keeping a journal here?
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    Why should you stop PMO if she won't help you? When you help her, you enable her to make your problem worse. She can't support you and condemn something she does herself. You have to decide what path you want in life.
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    Marriage is about compromise and loving support.

    If you have an addiction to pornography that you want to conquer, then helping your wife engage in that industry is going to negatively affect both your physical and mental health. While she may appreciate your help, ask yourself, "Does she really 'need' your help, or can she do it herself?". If she cannot do it all herself, try arrange a less 'visual' role in helping her. Set up and take down her film equipment, or deal with the administration/financial side of things for her. Leave the editing to her to do without your presence. I'm sure there are alternative ways to help.
    It's always a noble gesture to help your spouse when you can, but it should never be to the detriment of yourself.
    A loving, caring wife will understand, accept, and support your decision to abstain from helping her for these reasons, and you have nothing to fear or be ashamed of for asking either.

    It's a great thing that your wife turns you on so much. I would assume that if she is a Cam Model she enjoys sex too, so perhaps the two of you can talk about having more of it?

    Open and honest communication for and of your needs is essential in every relationship, and marriage most of all.

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