NBA Champs: Toronto Raptors

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  1. Congrats to the Raptors! What a great game. I gotta go to sleep so i cant dissect the gameplay right now. But special shoutout to Warriors, they played really hard. Prayers going out for Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Thompson played a great game these past 2 games & hope he and durant heal up.

    Im not a toronto fan persay, i just like rooting for yhe underdogs and wanted my man Kawhi Leonard win and have tornoto get their first champoinship.

    Warriors are a great time, they did annoy me bc theyre a superteam and all that. But still, i love the players on there. Especially boogie, durant, thompson, green. & curry is starting to grow on me.

    And special shoutout to the golden state fans that arent from the city and are actual bandwagoners bc of the superteam, you know who you are.... Im laughing at yall right now.

    They doubted my man leonard, but he showed them the business.
  2. Oh yeah and shoutout to VanFleet for toronto in this last game, especially the last quarter. Man was firing off on all cylinders
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    This is awesome! First Canadian team to win it! I find Steph Curry and Golden State annoying so I'm glad they won.
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    Although I feel sorry for Steph Curry's wife because she keeps getting attacked by fundamentalist Christians on Instagram.
  5. The whole city is going crazy right now, I can’t wait to attend to parade on Monday here in Toronto! This is so surreal as a raptors fan myself since day one. We’ve been through so much and I still can’t believe we did it!! Canada basketball baby!
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    How much players are Canadian?

    Due to the established duo of the Spurs good things happened. GSW weren't as hungry as normal. Expected much more from this bitch ass Cousins, playing like ballerina.

    It is not a big thing to be a champion in a weak year. You wouldn't get shit if easymoneysniper was playing all games healthy. Game 5 gun you down in a row. It is, it is normal. This GSW team got no depth and got 2 in a row. Let's see what's up now with the Raptors. Back to back is championship material, everything else is Leonard magnificent season.

    Clippers supporter ( so you can hate back, but I see nothing but the truth up there)
  7. They were saying ln that basketball was created in Canada
    Yes they were. Injured players like durant came to play when he shouldn't have. & put respect on boogie's name.

    Tornoto won. That's the reality, so say what you will. I knew purple are gonna say they wouldn't have won w durant injured. Look at how they got there and the finals series count before Durant got fucked up. Loom a huge Durant fan, even w him out GSW is a next to impossible team to defeat bc theyre a superteam. & good luck w them clippers my guy
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    IDC really. You are just too hyped.
  9. What does that have to do with anything? I’m supporting the city of Toronto and so is all of Canada.

    Lol Spurs treated kawhi like trash and this is karma for doubting him!

    I wish nothing but the best for KD! The Toronto raptors are still the NBA Champions!!!!! Why do you have to hate, just congratulate lmao
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  10. Shout out to Nick Nurse too: first year head coach, first year championship.

    I had the biggest smile seeing this billboard outside last night in Toronto
  11. Why is yalls celebrstion on monday? And not last night or friday Saturday?

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