"Oh no, I am going to relapse!" moments - what to do

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Freedom_from_PMO, May 8, 2019.

  1. Freedom_from_PMO

    Freedom_from_PMO Fapstronaut

    I think all of us had those moments when you knew you will relapse. What can be done in such moments (except for relapse of course)?
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  2. Go away from the computer and phone. The best choice is to go walk outside or take a cold shower. Try meditation, focus on your senses or just write some responses to help others here.
  3. Marcelo48

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    GTFO of the house, works well to me.
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  4. ClickClickBoom

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    A cold shower will fix your problem
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  5. This is when you should read a handwritten note that you wrote to yourself when your mind was clear and you were firm in your resolve.
    This is a note written heavy amazing paper with scented ink and sealed in an envelope that says - open in emergencies.

    In that note the committed you should address future you that is about to relapse and say things you think will guide and support you during that time.
    Noone knows you better than you, so when you are full of resolve to commit to stop, what would you say to yourself ready to fail?

    After you open the letter you read it and destroy it and when you feel positive and committed you write next one.
    This is a special letter, and you must spend time to create it - every time.
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  6. Freedom_from_PMO

    Freedom_from_PMO Fapstronaut

    Doing some push ups worked for me.

    This method might be unorthodox, but I guess the results are what is really important. Push ups helped but what completely killed my urges what eating super spicy food. I bought far too hot snack, the kind that burns your mouth and brings manly tears to your eyes.

    I think I'll buy a bottle of Tabasco for emergencies.
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  7. ShyIIock

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    What about changing your mindset? My current streak is by far the longest. Do you know why? I just dont take P/M as an option anymore - there is no "Oh no im going to relapse" moment for me. I have already experienced both flatline and extreme urges, but masturbation or porn is just not an option. Im not going to "cure" loneliness or horniness byt touching myself to relieve pressure, I can handle the pressure in my mind. Im not going to set my progress back, I am already too far on the way ;)
  8. Close the tab, turn off the device you were using, take a walk or rest
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  9. wanttoquit

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    There are already some great responses here, I would just like to add one more to them. When I feel the urge to relapse, I sometimes log into the nofap forums and read about other peoples experiences ( both affects of PMO and success stories ). I feel like this gives me an immidieate boost to my resolve. I have just restarted my journey to being free of PMO and am on day 3 of my streak, so if you are looking for an accountability partner I am more than down. All the best in your journey.
  10. stop whatever you are doing and do something else to subdue the urge. Some examples I can think of that you can do are:

    -listen to music (nothing sexual)
    -play a game
    -watch a movie
    -just lay down and close your eyes
  11. ultrafabber

    ultrafabber Fapstronaut

    eat a hot pepper. srs.
  12. Freedom_from_PMO

    Freedom_from_PMO Fapstronaut


    After I had urges today I did push ups and left home. But what really killed it was super spicy snack.
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  13. ultrafabber

    ultrafabber Fapstronaut

    I don't have snacks, i literally used to have small dried hot peppers on my desk. Since they're dried you can keep them out almost indefinitely (like months or maybe even years). One bite and you can't think of anything.

    The best thing is that unlike other tactics (cold shower/push ups) that require willpower and effort, which is something you lack when you have an urge, eating a hot pepper is easy and takes 0 effort so there is literally no excuse not to do it.

    Dried hot peppers have been very important in ending my porn addiction.
  14. XAI04

    XAI04 Fapstronaut

    I tend to focus on the desire as if I'm studying it, not playing along with it or being absorbed by it. This I feel not only helps me understand it better but also build self control. It's a risky method but if it becomes routine it should be all I need. I've had mistakes where my attention became lost and with it my self control but I find with each victory my will becomes stronger and the subsequent events easier to manage. I think it is good to fully understand the sensations which motivate us inside and out. Not demonize them, neglect them, or trying to convince yourself they are not there. You can't build control that way and relapse is inevitable. Some may disagree and I agree it's not an ideal method for most.
  15. Targaryenn

    Targaryenn Fapstronaut

    This is a great thread with great advices.
  16. ShyIIock

    ShyIIock Fapstronaut

    Well GJ ME I just relapsed :D :D :D
    Actually I dont feel bad about relapsing, I stayed away from PMO 27 days and didnt feel any change in my life, literally any sign of improvement. I was so pissed off I turned on porn and masturbate. Now Im confused. Guess Im going back on the road, but so unsure about NoFap yet :/...
  17. cr7da8055

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    I guess exercise would do, but when you have the urge, I guess your brain goes all out at that moment. But I guess the only way out is to keep your willpower strong. Good ways to practise this is like, for example, trying to stay away from sugar or salt enriched foods for a day or 2. But for an instantaneous feel, try high intensity exercises
  18. ggttttll

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    A cup of coffee or tea works for me. I often want to relapse when I feel tired and sleepy.
  19. Deadlihood

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