OPINION: Millennials are a disgrace in humanity history

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  1. I don't doubt it because, after all, who other than one of the smartest non-millenials in the world would claim such a thing with absolutely no context or evidence? But, just so I can prove to my friends that you are who you say you are, can you provide some examples of your genius?
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  2. Scary thought indeed! ಠ_ರೃ some decades later, these Millennials will be taking on the brunt of the work force and will be revered as elders of conventional wisdom...that day will be the fall of Western Civilization lest Millennials acknowledge reality and the sufferings in life.

    One thing puzzles me though—why are my peers (Gen Z) and Millennials so sensitive to words? Perhaps my ignorance of this is due to my age, but even I understand that it is the recipient who CHOSE to be offended. And cursing someone—how can it hurt anyone? To me, cursing to insult someone is a sign of illiteracy; one can be far more insulting and hurtful without the use of any slang or curses. The millennial obsession with “safe space” and the banning of “hate speech” is madness to me, especially since safe space is inapplicable to real life, and hate speech impossible to regulate. Milennials must realize that Free speech is a FUNDAMENTAL MECHANIC of Western Civilization and we must risk offending people in the pursuit of truths.

    Hmmm maybe I am a 60-year old trapped in a teenager’s body... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    • It's been pounded into their heads since kindergarten by our educational system (which was slowly taken over by the marxist left over decades starting in the 1920s).
    • It gives them power. Or false power actually. They think they get power if they have the ability to control another person by reporting to some authority that they were 'offended' by something they said. But they are actually given more power to whatever authoritarian body oversees them (the state, the college). especially now since it's been enacted into law in some places.

    • as for 'hate speech' they have grown up in a bubble where teachers, professors, the government only show them one side, they have no other way to defend their arguments because they have never heard any opposing view. When you don't have the capacity for reason (not because they are 'stupid' but because it was never developed) name calling a substitute. The sad thing is many thing that they are actually presenting reason arguments. I have millenials (and to be fair gen x, baby boomers- but older than that not so much) completely melt down and literally walk out of the room when I have said a simple fact and stated it as such. Even something as obvious as the physical differences between men and women.
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    If you haven't seen the safe space episode of South Park I highly recommend it.
  5. Safe spaces are the fruit of Relativism where everyone holds their own "truth" as being equally valid with everyone else's "truth", therefore any criticism of their "truth" is seen as hate speech. The ones who are usually getting the brunt of these hate speech accusations are the people who hold that there is objective truth and that this is what must dictate our thoughts and actions. The belief in objective truth is the enemy of many of the modernist lifestyles which have relativism as their foundation. What a lot of these younger people do not understand is the foundations of the west, especially the USA, were built by believers of objective truth and that they will not be able to eradicate this belief without at the same time losing the rights which were borne from it.
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    Something tells me you're going to like this guy.

  7. @Icyweb
    You are correct! Ben Shapiro is one of the fighters against PC/post modernism. My other two favorites are Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager. But then they do not have enough influence to significantly impact a majority of the population
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    As a millenium myself born on 1990, i think you sound pretty much frustrated. Few of us have the knack in killing a bad habit. Personally i dont blame the rest on not being good examples because they havent found the strength in themselves to kill the habits off. Myself i am self taught and have realised the importance of so and its why i am here. Realization to NOFAP came from the inner understanding that masturbation was painful and taking a toll out of me, i didnt see the positive result from doing it a while. Few have this ability despite getting bad consequences.
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    Also remember that millenials have been raised with a history that says:

    a. western civilization 'sucks' and Europeans are the only ones guilty of colonization and slavery. This of course, is comical to anyone who knows anything about history (for example North African and Ottoman muslims colonized and enslaved millions of Europeans during roughly the same time period.

    b. Communism is pretty much seen as positive - they completely ignore the mass murder by Stalin, Mao (55 million?) and just about anywhere where communism flourished. They glorify Chi Guevara and Castro, ignoring even their brutality and suppression of human rights.
  10. Yes, usually they leave out that part where the opposing tribe sold the other tribe to European slave traders. Not only sold but helped them hunt them down and capture them.
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    Ottomans required human tribute from european christian nations they conquered, and had a steady stream of white women slaves for their harems and men for various complex tasks they could not do.

    Barbary pirates specifically raided the european coasts - everywhere- even northern europe- primarily for white women for the slave markets but also young men -the estimate is somewhere around 3 millions

    there have been several books published about it in recent years- the left is snooty and reluctant to admit it because it doesn't help the narrative.
    bbc here claims race wasn't a factor BULLSHIT - white women were the most prized in the harem slave markets.
    " It also requires a new awareness of the impact of slave raids on Spain and Italy - and Britain - about which we currently know rather less than we do about slaving activities at the same time in Africa."
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    yep how many even know Muslims occupried Spain and eastern Europe for over a thousand years, and treated the people brutally- even if they do read about it, they are told BS that they were 'multicultural' and sometimes the left will go as far to claim that the morrish invasion of Spain was 'liberation' . True insanity, and absolute lies.
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  13. There are no safe spaces in nature. The snowflakes will learn the hard way.

    I use that term, because not all members of the group are this ignorant and soft.
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    The people I've met irl who wants someone like Che would be executed or imprisoned under his regime.
    Those who act like sheep will be eaten by wolves
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    ...and we haven't even gotten into the Mongol hordes :)
    They over-ran and occupied parts of Europe and Russia for centuries
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