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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Yassineopter, Feb 12, 2019.

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    We're here to be healthy, healed, normal men bro. It ain't easy, and yeah we do suffer when we really need a woman, but we need to heal so we can be normal and have a brain that can bring true value to the world.

    We can't pay for sex, man, we need to get rid of the underlying issues and addictive processes and meet girls who're into us.

    'Normal' balanced men naturally attract women. The world is quite a populated place, lol.

    Stay strong.
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  2. Seeing escorts shortcuts the reward system of the brain in a similar way PMO does. You get all the reward without having to work on building an emotional connection with the person. You objectify them the same way porn does.

    As viking007 already mentioned, I'd do a thorough research on STIs before going. You might see things differently afterwards. Escorts are literally the riskiest demographic. They have sex with anonymous partners several times a day. Their customers often also have rather adventurous sex lives. It's not uncommon for them to be heavily in debt or addicted to drugs. It also isn't uncommon that they're being trafficked. Some may be getting tested regularly, but they're probably not the sort of people you'd want to trust your health with...

    Being a virgin can be frustrating (been there for quite a while). But imagine how frustrating it would be should you contract maybe even HIV, to extrapolate to the most extreme case, because of trying to lose it at all costs?
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    It is better. It's free and no STDs.
  4. The hell that even supposed to mean ?lol
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    I don't think there is any win in paying for sex. Other than all the drawbacks I see mentioned above (including diseases), I think its unwise to risk getting caught up in a habit that won't help build a healthy sex life for you.

    In short, talk to women and build up your confidence. Go for the kind of sex life that you will be proud of down the line.

    All the best!
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    What if i meet a strange wamen but connect instantly. Can i sleep with her the same night?
  7. To consider paying for sex, I say "MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"
    No, that's not the answer. To resort to prostitution is a very low thing to do and what is suppose to be a meaningful experience is traded in for a cheap, sleazy ride. Women are human beings, not products! By indulging in this kind of behavior, by paying for sex, you're just dehumanizing yourself and another person because you're taking away humanistic value and replacing it with thoughtless objectification!
    Though I'm trying to stop masturbation myself, I would rather masturbate (without porn, of course) than ever have to sleep with a prostitute. I would be too ashamed, I think.
    Get that thought of your head and settle for something else; I dare say, settle for something else, something nonsexual, something innocent.
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    man its kinda for looses man
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    That is you are older than 25 and virgin you should hire a escort and get rid of your virginity
  10. That's so dumb lol. Does virginity affect your health ? Or your financial status ?or why exactly one must get rid of it ?
    And why lose it to some disgusting escort ?
  11. We must not pay for sex. If you masturbate you dont need porn. If you are virgin and feel ok, thats right. If you meet a new girl and you both desire that, ok sex on first night. Be wise, enjoy your sexual pleasure and be happy fear free.
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    Virginity does affect your mental health. Plus being virgin at an adult stage of life can definitely affect your social life and confidence, and honestly thats quiete weird.
  13. That's definitely YOUR opinion,and yours only.
  14. What brings you to the very strange statement that all escorts/prostitutes would be disgusting?
  15. Why do people treat virginity so cheaply? The way some people make it out to be, they treat it as if it's something that you're stuck with till a certain point of age, then it represents some obvious sign of failure. But that's not the way to look at it. Virginity is something to preserve until the right person (and for me, that's in matrimony); by doing this, it makes the experience more meaningful, whereas to waste it on a prostitute is to not only to condone and contribute to a sleazy way of making a living, but to also get rid of the chance of having a meaningful experience.
    "Why is that? Cannot having sex with a prostitute be a meaningful experience?"
    Only for the cheap but then again, that is the cheap speaking, and thus not very meaningful.
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    I'm a virgin by choice. I'm not an incel, I have turned down several opportunities. Unless I eventually get married, I will remain a virgin.

    That is some of the worst advice I have ever read on nofap. For what, bragging rights? I assure you that is nothing to be proud of, and virginity is nothing to be ashamed of. Why do you think virginity is such a bad thing?
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  18. You can think for yourself. You will find the result without me pointing it out!
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    It's not just his opinion. Not everyone has been blessed with the confidence to walk around mid-twenties and still being a virgin and also being ok with that. There loads of guys out there that feel terrible about it. But that is such a social taboo by now that people don't even want to admit on an anonymuous internet forum that they lost their virginity to a prostitute.
    Because they might be made fun of or accused to have done the worst thing in the world, and you discribing a prostitute as "disgusting" doesn't really help the case. I am sure most girls would never do something if they wouldn't get forced into it or they had any other chance to make this kind of money. I don't know any prostitute in person, but i wouldn't be surprised if they lose part of they soul doing that. Have a little empathy for both sides here. In many cases, the girl is as much of a victim as the guy who doesn't see any other option in his life to lose his virginity by visiting a girl he has to pay for it.
    Thats a bad situation for everyone involved. But i do see why people do it.
    The sexdrive will always be there, even people do nofap and are able to channel it into work and workouts, or whatever.
    And some just never learned to talk to a pretty girl and get her to be interested in him. For a lot of guys that is just a distant, seemingly unobtainable fairy-tale.
  20. Basically, we're all here to recover from porn, which is digital prostitution.
    So, with that being said, what makes regular prostitution any better?

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