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    An orgasm also knocked me into flatline symptoms.
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    I'm trying to follow what is written in this post. I'm doing exactly the same things he suggests. noPMO for something like 40 days, then I started dating with a girl, I had some orgasms with her, all through oral sex. Every time I have an orgasm I fall back again in a flat line like status, I have low libido, but anyway, I found a way to have erections anyway. then at day 70, we had sex, and (as I forget to say), I had difficulties on reaching the orgasm, I had low sensation on my penis. It is relieving because it is happening exactly how it has suggested in this post.
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    To me to, every time I have an orgasm I fall in something similar to a flat line, I'm constantly living with it, but when I'm in bed, I try to let me caught from sensations, and at some point, even if it's not fast and easy, I have an erection. I think this happens when we are in the process of re-writing. This I think is also the reason of the difficulty to have an orgasm that I have.
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    Day 70. Again. Today I had sex again with this girl, twice. This time I used condoms. The first time, the erection was not the best, but enough for penetration, I had no sensitivity though, and find difficult to ejaculate, but I did. The second time, an hour later, I had a better erection, better sensation, and I found less difficult to ejaculate. both times I needed a lot of stimuli to have the erection due to my sort of flat line. I'm super happy! Guys, it seems that PIED is finally going to be cured!!!!!! hahahaha!!!
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  5. You must be on cloud 9 it is my dream to cure pied someday
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    Indeed I am on cloud nine, PIED caused me a lot of problems this last years, and it seemed impossible to pass. I won't believe believe it was so simple to cure. Of course it need concentration, time, to be present in bed with a girl, lot of cuddling, kissing, touching and other thing (all of it after 30 to 90 days of noPMO). And of course, to tell the girl you have this problem, and how you are moving to solve it. She will help you. man really good luck! and be sure of one thing, it will pass.
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  7. Glad to see you’re doing better. Make sure to keep us posted. I’m rooting for you! :D
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  8. BertrandR

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    Day 79. Lately I'm having a lot of sex, I have a lot of time, I'm trying to have erections without stimulation. sometimes it goes, sometimes not. but with stimulation it goes very well. lately the erections are always good. I can even change position. one time we did it even standing in the shower. things I couldn't from a lot of time (in shower I had serious difficulty ejaculating). I understood one important thing. to not think about the erection, but to stay relaxed. it helps a lot. I think I'm not ok at 100%, but I can say that PIED is cured. It wasn't thinkable some months ago to have sex standing in the shower, or even change position, or use condoms, or have an erection 100% strong. I will continue like that for a couple of month, posting news. I hope it will be totally cured in this couple of months.
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    U sound like playboy...no offence
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    Dude, thanks a lot for this journal!!! a had a problem just like yours, and i have all the "d**k issue" you had. The first signes of PIED i've noticed was when i was 15 - i could have sex, but my penis wasn't even 10% hard, i even had 0 arousal, so my partner did a BJ to me, so that i finally reach an erection and orgasm. The understanding came when i had another opportunity to have sex last summer (im almost 20 right now), but situation was the same - weak penis, no secual arousal. then i thought, that i have physical problem, but after reading your journal, i realised that all i have to do - is noPMO.
    your text gave me a ton of motivation, information and support, thank you a lot and sorry for mistakes, im not an English speaker))
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    I just read through this entire thread. Congratulations on your success, brother! Sounds like you’re in the clear for the foreseeable future!

    Since I’m still relatively new to this NoFap forum, I’m being extra detailed in my education on the subject of PIED. Reading through your journal, it seems like maybe psychological performance anxiety played a significant role in your journey. I could be wrong in this, but it almost seemed like your anticipation of failed erections was the primary cause of it occurring. This is probably why changing positions so commonly causes a loss of erection. Because it’s distracting. And our brains are trained through porn that you should be able to maintain a firm erection while changing positions, which doesn’t always happen. And when we feel a loss of firmness (and pay too much attention to it), it causes anxiety and results in a complete loss of erection. It seems like in your situation, you were working a lot on focusing in the present. Being truly WITH your partner, who also sounds like a very understanding person. Gaining that comfort and familiarity with her was probably the thing that really helped you the most. That, and abstaining from PMO, which enhanced your response to stimuli and increased your confidence.

    Way to go! I hope to share a similar success story soon!
  12. BertrandR

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    I thought the same, for something like an year I thought to have some physical problems, like low levels of testosterone, I tried to stop masturbating for something like two months, and this because I had no other solutions, I thought, ok, if I stop, the need will be so strong that maybe my penis could work, and in the end it worked. then I began masturbating again, and I fell in the same situation as before. But with a news, I had no physical problems. then I knew noFAP, and I started to follow this method.

    So don't despair my friend, it will pass, there will be good days, and bad days, some periods I was depressed because of it, some periods super happy for my little steps forward. And when depression comes is easy to relapse. So stay strong, and good luck, I hope you can solve it soon!

    it makes me really happy, to gave you motivation, information and support. it is important to me, because it is actually all I can do.
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    Yes, you are totally right! even now, I am constantly trying to focus in the present, and relaxing. sometimes it happens that I start asking why the erection don't go, and it don't go. Then I stop asking, and it works. Indeed, maybe the best thing that happened to me is find this girl, we talked about that a lot. Sometimes it's her that suggest me what to do, or reminds me not to overthink. I am really thankful to her. If I'm getting cured, is all thanks to her. In this process I think that find a person so comprehensive is very important.

    I hope for you too! I'm sure it will happen!
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    ok guys, I relapsed with porn something like 2-3 times, and without porn something like 3-4 times, in this period of quarantine. just a few times, and the problem came back again. since my last post, my erection and confidence were going always better in time. lately I was having erections even without stimulation! impossible for me! but after some times I masturbated with and without porn, I came back to the beginning again... I mean, I can have sex of course, but the erection is very weak (sometimes not enough for penetration), I found very difficult to wear the condom. what I want to say to you is that, if you had porn problems, don't use it again ever. it is dangerous for some people. I'm starting again the road for the cure...good luck to all
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  15. My friend ... you didn't listen to me. Orgasm turns you back with or without porn. Your brain has learned to have an orgasm without an erection, because your sexual energy is very low, I quickly deplete it. In moment masturbate with a soft or semi-erect penis, the bad reflexes that you have learned in your brain for years return. Your brain has learned to have an orgasm without an erection and has entered your reflexes. He wants this dopamine he has received for years and he wants to continue, he just wants an orgasm, he is no longer interested in an erection.
    I recommend stopping everything that means sex ... masturbation but especially orgasm. Whenever you have an orgasm with a soft or semi-erect penis, you further strengthen these reflexes. If you ask me what the solution is ... unfortunately I don't know ,but until we get rid of these bad reflexes we will never heal.
    If you manage to improve the situation again, try to limit the number of orgasms max one per week ... maybe it will work. That's what I do ... abstinence increases your sexual energy ... orgasm decreases, balance must be found.
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    I´m so happy i found and read your journal because i´m going through PIED and DE problems and this thread was very inspiring and helpful for me. I hope you keep posting and i wish the best of luck to you man, you deserve it!
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