please help. Big problem with me, a girl, and pmo

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  1. Hi, I need help with this, I'm turning crazy:

    I am 41years old. I've had a girlfriend for 6 months. I met her when I was in a 40 day NoFap period . At that time I had a lot of energy and I was very alive. I endured 63 days of nofap this time. Never in my life I felt so alive

    But I relapsed many times and I also have sex with her. She is beautiful, but not very much. She had poorly done cesarea. When we fuck i see it. She loves do dirty things in the bed.

    I really like her personality so much, all the time with her I m very happy, but I do not feel so attracted to her or in love for it. But I think it's because of the fap I overestimate the sex. Or I do not know why I do not have the ability to choose her. In my mind something tells me no. It's like I want to choose porn before I do, I feel I like it more. But she is real and she loves me very much.

    On Sunday I told her to go to the gym together. And I do not know how the issue came up, that I told her she has a few overweight and it hurt her, and she cried.

    Since It, I request her for a days for order my mind, and I've been drunk 4 days alone and with a few cocaine and with porn. I am not usually a drinker. Indead I dont drink never. I had never drank so much in a row. The girls in the porn are so beatiful.... but they fill my mind of lies

    What can I do??
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    Beautiful lies, eh? A lie is still a lie, though. At the very least, put the bottle down, and step away from the porn.
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  3. Being away from porn, drinking and cocaine is going to help clear your mind so you can actually know what you feel in your heart. If you find that you don't love this woman you need to let her know.
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  4. PMO has told you many lies, and your thinking is unclear. Whatever it takes, you must give up PMO, or you will remain in pain. It will be costly and will likely require radical lifestyle change. I highly recommend you get an AP or three on this site and start checking in with them on a regular basis. Together, with their encouragement and input, you will be able to better steer your course through the days ahead.
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  5. ok, thank you so much guys :). I am better than the last week, 6 days clean of pmo. I feel my libido dead in this moment.

    I have recovered the girlfriend, but I told her I want achieve the nofap challenge, 90days in hardmode (no fuck with her in 90days is hard also for she). She is not very happy with it because doesnt understand my problem. But I need do it.
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