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    I am 24 years old. I have been masturbating since i was at 8th grade. I discovered Masturbation by accident, i would say. The problems i face since then was..social anxiety..fear of public speaking...sweating heavily when i gather the attention of a crowd on myself. I also sweat when i talk to girls..and i have always felt less alpha. I am sick of this and i know all this happend because of pmo. So i have decided to do something about this..and i have started nofap challenge..its my 6th day now. Changes have been noticing..more comfortable, more confidence, to be able to look in the eyes of people and talk comfortably., less sweating. What i am looking forward is to get past this addiction. So i will be updating periodically about the changes. I need support of you guys. Going strong till now.
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    Welcome, I just want to say some of the things you mentioned is probably normal even with people who do not PMO - I mean public speaking is actually ranked higher than death as far as fears go. That said dealing with this can help with a lot of things, I just don't want you to feel like "it's not working" later because it doesn't fix absolutely everything.
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