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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Appleglory, Dec 29, 2017.

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    Holy mother of god, I genuinely did not expect a detailed reply to every single question I had, I thought I went a bit overboard(unintended, and I hate editing to change what I initially wrote, feels less genuine lol) but still.
    Thank you so much, I genuinely appreciate it! <3

    Especially the abs and diet question. My god, now I can worry less about protein powders and the like(Tried ISOPure, didn't work out too well since I started skimping training due to all the confusion and the trainers here were shit).
    So much to google and learn regarding tensing ab muscles. Or, er, practice mo' like.

    Will need to learn how to calculate all of this...maybe just get a Fitbit sometime, I will figure it out. Will look up starting strength, thank you for the site and the Youtuber recommendations!

    As for exercise reasons: I want to be a bit stronger, but mainly doing it for the gains in willpower and discipline, as well as getting better at handling stress. Though recently I now add as looking better over time as a nice side effect, just something I don't like acknowledging that often as it takes away from my true goal and what the point of it is, for me, I mean, lol.
    Would like to run a marathon at some point in the next two-three years as well, just gonna practice consistent running(with breaks of course) and eat properly for that one.
    Getting ripped or whatever is absolutely a non-priority, just health, mental and physical and more stamina danke. Its to supplement a life of studying and...well, life in general, why did I even start breaking it down into categories lol.

    And yeah...that's a lot of info, but its to the goddamn point, and I am so thankful for that mate. Its literally the only thing holding me back right now, I can't figure out what info to follow! It's so much! A combination of Reddit's bodyweightfitness and starting strength(whenever I manage to check it) is what I have settled on for my sanity.
    Will just have to trust my body and dietary choices for the rest. And cameras. All the cameras.

    And maybe buy a pull-up bar for the home. Gah, figure it out, this one can! Yoda, he most certainly is not.

    Thanks again, I realize that was a lot to answer at once!
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    If you are after hypertropy try more body building... try OGUS 7/5/3 Matt Ogus isnt natty, but that doesnt mean his science is bullshit. Its pretty much 5/3/1 with more reps. Dont forget in order to grow you need a slight surplus and good sleep. Be consistant, muscle is very hard to build, and the gains dont stay linear forever\.
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    Youtube your issue. Sorry man I'm not a qualified chiro/physio and I highly recommend trying to get professional advice from a few different sources.
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    What a useless physio. Lower back issues are funnily in my experience not lower back related. Tight hamstrings, tight glutes, hip flexors... these can all cause a deviated pain. warm up with foam rolling and dynamic stretches. Heres the hardest part, do static stretches for at least 20 seconds for 3-4 reps. Be consistent, don't stretch for a while and stop. Don't sit all day. I now stand up and go on my laptop or if im tired I lie down on my back/belly. sitting for long periods of time is really bad for you. once again, diagnose with professional advice.
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    Hey Appleglory,
    I have a question which I did not find answer ever. Probably, you might.
    Just to start, I am a 27 years old male 5.6" height and my physic type is petite. I know it is not very usual. I look like a high school kid. I wanted to grow my body since a long time and every time I start, I will do it for a month and stop.
    Here is the reason, for my body type, I have a small face. If, I start working out, I loose face fat and I look very awkward. I don't like that.
    Is there any way to grow taller, wider and bigger without loosing face fat ?
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    Hi, be great if you have any advice.

    to do exercises to help with injuries and bad posture i have (e.g. strengthen core to help low back)
    to lose weight (body fat)
    to get stronger and more flexible so i hope i can get back to my very physical job, and not get future injuries.
    to look better- less fat more muscle.

    im wondering how i should go about this?
    should i do exercise at home (whole body workout) once a day? should i go to the gym 5 times a week and do legs one day, chest another etc? should i concentrate on cardio until i have much lower body fat?
    i cant work out if im not into lifting the biggest weights i can, and 'maximum gains' if that type of training is best for me or if i should do full body workouts at home or something like a yoga class everyday. being strong (including things like balance) and flexible are more important to me than getting the biggest biceps i can...

    im on a budget and would prefer to try and do this myself rather than pay a personal trainer and/or gym fees if i dont have to.

    my current thought is do approx 30-45mins a day at home, stretching and warm up, a few gentle to moderate exercises like dead bugs and push ups, unweighted squats etc.
    maybe when i get stronger, fitter etc i can do an easy morning routine everyday something like 20mins yoga to stretch my whole body, and 5x a week either go to a gym or do some heavier stuff at home.
    any ideas for good cardio for someone with a bad back? walking/jogging i know will aggravate my bad back.

    i am working on eating, currently 3+months no processed food or refined sugar, not exactly sure what i will end up eating but will be fairly healthy.

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