Relapses Caused by Stress

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by zavenwycliffe66, May 19, 2019.

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    I've discovered that most of my relapses are not triggered alone by my desire to fap, but rather as a response to stress. The more stressful activities I do and the more items on my to-do list that I remember I need to get done in the coming future, the more that mental tension builds. And the more that mental tension builds, the more I feel the need to release that tension, which inevitably leads me to pmo. I'm tired of being weak. I'm tired of allowing the urges conquer me. I can overcome them for maybe an hour or so, but after all that fighting, my willpower wanes and I eventually give in.
    I NEED to quit this habit. I'm entering the years of my life where I will be looking to date seriously and get married. But the confidence I require will never be available to me if I keep this up. How do you see the bigger picture, even when the urges make you focus on cravings in the present?
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    Stress, or "mental tension" is a part of life. We each face different situations in life that can cause stress. Some of the things we can eliminate, others, we can't. Eliminate those which can be eliminated (for example, don't take on more expenses than you can afford - live within your means). For those we can't eliminate, we have to learn to deal with. PMO is NOT a good way to deal with stress; it just creates more stress. (Our brains can be convincing liars). How to deal with stress ? Exercise works well for some. Mediation. Spending time with friends; isolation can be very stressful. Lots of constructive things can help reduce or eliminate stress.

    What are you going to do ?

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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    Yeah, you need to control your stress and it will not be pleasurable at the beginning. Not at all, but you need to find strenght to cope with your life without cheats like PMO.
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    I think meditation and being more talkative,
    Can help with stress.
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    from my experience, once you know the trigger that is the place to start. i also suffer from stress and anxiety and i deal with that through meditation. usually at night before i get to tired. masterbation is the easy way to deal with stress. but i ask myself to what end. how did it really help me ? all the time spent looking at porn, i could have done something more productive. i search youtube on how to overcome stress and overtime you gain more control. i have an urge now, so i came onto this site as a distraction. i find that reading about the addiction puts me off and i loose the urge.......until the next time.
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    Great post. Lots of good videos on YT about porn addiction and recovery too.

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