Semen retention real or fake?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by kingpietro, Aug 31, 2017.

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    semen retention:

    ok so i was wondering if this semen retention is a cult or is it based on scientific facts.

    NOFAP is based on scientific facts for example increasing testoron, hormons when you don't orgasme is true. However the benefits of sperm going inside youre body and making you stronger is bulshit because you urinate out you're unused sperm

    NOFAP and no porn helps you to atttract woman through smell and hormons it olso gives you the motivation to seduce them. But when you have sex why do people don't orgasme during seks? Why do they thinx its a bad thing?

    I just want to hear people opinion and experience on semen retention because i am curious about this movement i don't get it and it seems a little bit like a cult.
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    You see that "Taoism Brahmacharya is just a form of religion... Give me scientific prove that semen is absorbed in to the body because its proven that not used sperm is urinated out of the body...
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    I did and i didn't see any difference. I now ejaculate during sex with my girfriend and i feel the same way confident when i did no orgasme (no semen ejaculation)

    So the idea of not ejaculating during sex i thinx is a cult i've never had a depressed feeling when i came inside my girfriend NEVER
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    Porn perpetuated the myth that constant ejaculation is the way to go.
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    I know anecdotal evidence has little statistical merit but I for one know that if I ejaculate a lot in a short space of time it drastically reduces my energy levels and makes me lethargic. Just a week ago I had a wet dream after not ejaculating for aprox 3 weeks and the next morning I could barely do my morning push-ups.
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    The ancient Vedas of India speaks on semen retention for willpower, confidence, creativity, lustrous eyes, good health and intelligence.
    Semen is rich in hormones, proteins, vitamins and minerals. If it is not used for reproduction, it will be absorbed back, nourishing your body and brain. Remember, semen has the potential to create an entire life; it is the life force. Repeated and unnecessary loss of semen leads to weakened clarity of the mind, and thus the body. If semen is retained in the body for a long time, according to Ayurveda, there develops Ojas, a refined vital fluid. Science cannot prove this. But, this can be observed in the luminous face of yogis, sanyasis (monks) and other people who lead an ascetic lifestyle. Retention of semen increases the upward energy flow from the root chakra, eventually leading to spiritual enlightenment. Many people here have experienced this and so have I. Having relapsed yesterday, I can corroborate with the fact that semen retention has tons of benefits.
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  7. Hey kingpietro, not sure if you are still researching this but I found a very good science based post here on NoFap about what exactly happens when you do not ejaculate for extended periods. It's very interesting on the biological side but doesn't make any assumptions about what the benefits could be. I guess you could draw your own conclusion. If not, it's still an interesting article. The important info is in post #10 and #20 (the number of the posts appears in the blue bar on the right hand side of the page:

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