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    i nofappers! I'm here.. I've not relapsed but I want to share you some triggers which distract my recovery many times. I hope it can help you and me to aware and deal with them. here we go:
    1. smartphone (The biggest trigger)
    I dont know about you, but for me smartphone has thousand ways to make you relapse. it can lead you to many distraction for your productivity and it's the fastest source for instant gratification. We know that instant gratification make our recovery slower, like: youtube, Instagram, games and others app can let you to relapse.
    Solution: Sell your smartphone and change with dumbphone!! just it.
    2. Youtube, Instagram, facebook & others social media (Even whatsapp)
    They are designed for Instant gratification and they are as addictive as porn. when we choose to watch or click one content, it leads us to others with similar content. finally, we are bored and choose to watch porn.
    Solution: Delete all of them (the best way). But if you need several of them ask your own self. "Do you really need them?" if it's not just delete them. But if you need them you must build the system which can avoid you from dangerous content.
    3. Computer/ Laptop with internet
    Both of them are also the common sources for triggers.
    The solution: use your computer without internet or use it in the public place which can be seen by others. don't use your laptop in private room like your office room or your bed room. you can ask help to your family or your partner to watch your computer using.
    4. Emotional changing (Anger, rejection and sadness).
    the emotional changing can lead us to relapse. when something is not like what we expect, we usually become angry, sad and feel insecure. we used to use porn for reducing the anger, sadness and insecurity. and guess what?? our emotion becomes worse.
    Solution: except the feeling, practice gratitude and mindfulness. after that, take cold shower and go outside in nature.
    5. Stay overnight
    Solution: build your sleep system, search on google: "how to sleep earlier".
    6. Your old environment.
    We usually watch porn on the same place and same situation. so it can be easier for us to relapse while stay on the environment. Solution: change our environment. we can recolor our room by painting new color, change our furniture position, make the air condition easy to enter our room.
    7. people
    the social circle is maybe unhealthy. you have friends or family who watch porn that effect you mindlessly or you have unsupportive social circle which lead you to porn. solution: if you have friends who watch porn, leave them because they can effect your recovery. how about your family?? you can avoid them wisely in certain situations. how about the unsupportive social circle?? leave them because they can lead you to relapse.

    those are my common triggers. if you have some triggers and the solution to deal with them, please share them on the comment below!! :D
  2. The one thing that makes me constantly relapse is just forgetting why I started.
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    write it clearly then...
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    Good content there mate! Glad I came across this thread. I've been failing due to Insomnia. Been telling myself I need to start sleeping earlier but never bothered making the move. Willpower drops down like crazy after a relapse. The fact that you mentioned this issue in this thread, I am driven to look up for ways to get over this problem. Thanks bud, truly appreciate it! Cheers!
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    I'm on day 6 and I feel really tired for some reason, I do not feel energetic like yesterday. This morning was okay however I did wake up very early around 4:30 am which is quiet unusual for me since I normally wake up at 10am. I have no idea on what my solution is. The only thing I think might fix this is sleeping earlier. If you've come across this before then I would be more than grateful to see what your outcome for this was.

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    internet and technology is invented to save our time, but we are wasting our time in my opinion 80% of internet contents are useless..i'm using internet for a long time and was addicted to it ..what i learnt from this long online life is that "NEVER USE INTERNET FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND TIMEPASS..I REPEAT NEVER". use internet only for education and paying bills..also u can use google all other websites are bullshits and should be blocked using a parental control with strong password protection..if u need to communicate with anyone ,just call them or message them using an ordinary nokia phone without internet..spend your free time in reading good books and learning skills to survive (like cooking,driving etc)..always keep ur brain oxygenated and drink plenty of water..Just try the things i mentioned, miracles will happen in your life
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    I agree with you brother, those help me a lot in my recovery..
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    it's my pleasure brother!
    I usually sleep at 08.00 pm and I can wake up at 04.00 am everyday...
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  9. Good content and good streak as well... keep it up
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    My problems are two:
    1) Youtube, sometimes I lost time, my solution was some days ago to delete google accounts, so I deleted all channel in which I has been subscribed. So now if I go on youtube I don't find anything about my interesting (the most part of recommended videos were trash).
    So I resolved a little bit this problem, but I think it still persist.
    2) Social media, web surfing in general. I use laptop the most part of the day to study (to coding or reading books), for this reason sometimes I struggle with going on google chrome (or mozilla or microsoft edge or opera) and web surf...
    I can't avoid this, because if I use a block sites ex (to block facebook for example), those extensions don't work incognito navigation... And I always use incognito navigations for those type of things...
    How can I hande this situation?

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