Should I see an escort?

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  1. I don’t see escorts as a relapse it’s more a less sex with a real girl the only difference is it’s a paid service. It’s not porn, it’s not masturbation because you are not on your own. And the orgasm was natural with a real person.
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    Guys, I'm not advocating prostitution, I just want to highlight that there are way, way, way worse sexual contracts one can enter him/herself into. And people enter these contracts all the time, both consensually, and sometimes by force/necessity. Many of these contracts are often incomplete, vague, unrealistic, or not transparent. "Prostitution," given that it has stood the test of time (and even proliferated), could be argued to be the most optimal sexual contract. Not the best, or the most rewarding, but optimal.

    It's funny in America today, how certain stigmas have formed over history. For example, during manifest destiny times, having a brothel used to be a requirement to call yourself a "town." Sure you needed a church, a gunsmith, and everything else in Red Dead Redemption, but if you wanted to attract laborers... guess what. And that was at a time where high-speed-porn didn't exist.

    Listen, it's not called the world's oldest business for nothing. Can it be perverted, abused and can it destroy lives... yes. Does it always... no. Nothing so malicious would survive and remain economically viable over time. It should definitely be used in moderation, like most things in life.

    It is totally different than porn. The more I abstain, and read the literature here, the more I realize the toxic nature of high-speed internet porn. I also get more an more convinced that porn is some kind of MK-U1tra system, that is used to quell the masses, or make men more docile, or something else subliminal and sinister.
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  3. You could very well be right.
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    The effects are obviously zombie-like, and the opinions on this forums point towards it.
    There was a post on NoFap's reddit page showing a screenshot of Pornhub's twitter account, linking studies that showed porn consumption as a healthy habit (well it is a bussiness...). But also, some said in the comments something about the site discrediting NoFap, which is also something that should turn on some alarms...
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  5. Have you tried to get a girlfriend yet?
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    It's pretty obvious..look how many relationships get destroyed by it and yet goverments allow it
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    STD's man.

    They exist.

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