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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by D23, Dec 30, 2019.

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    Looking for advise on this subject. It takes alot for me to get any movement downstairs now. About a year ago, i started having hard flaccid symtoms, where my manhood shrinks and gets hard in a flaccid state that has a rubbery feeling.

    I've been trying to search the net after going to many urologists and trying a script of erection meds leaving me with only painful chest pains and no relief.

    Knowing this is a NoFap group, i have tried to obstain from masterbating many times for weeks even many months. I saw little to no improvement.

    To think this all started when, i found a post stating penis exercises are ok while on NoFap this info was wrong and im not blaming NoFap but i am blaming the little warnings the net has. Take it from me do not try penile exercises.

    Well if anyone has any advice feel free to comment below.

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    Keep going to the docs and researching your issue. I hope you can get things figured out. Did this happen to you after doing penile exercises? Take care and keep trying.
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    Yes, it all started with a penile exercise before this i had zero problems. I feel so broken but im trying.
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    That's all you can do is try. I wish you luck.
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    Seeing a topic on this site, I wanted to help and share my experience and my agony related to hard flacid. Just over 8 years ago I did yelking exercises, a total nonsense that made me a big problem in my life. Thinking it's a completely harmless exercise I started with a routine. After a while, I started to have erection problems and a strange feeling in my penis as if it were made of rubber and some hardness, flatulence. I called a urologist and was immediately prescribed cilais 5 mg twice a week, l arginine, acetyl l carnitine, e vit, b 6 vit. for 4 months. After this therapy, I was much better, however, the hardness of the penis remained flat and the erection quality was no longer the same and complete, the morning erections were less.
    I contacted a number of urologists who said that it was okay to see nothing.
    I also told the neurologist that there might have been no nerve damage, the neurologist ruled out a neurological problem after detailed testing.
    I no longer knew who to contact, they referred me to a psychiatrist, but I was convinced that my problem was of organic origin and that for some reason urologists could not see.
    I consulted a urologist who is a professor and a very good expert in his field. At the first examination, he immediately knew what it was about. These stretching exercises caused me to damage the tissue of a small scar of collagen structures. feeling the tightness in my penis. The therapy that helped me a lot and that I have not finished yet consisted of verapamil gel cream that triggers the remodulation of collagen scars and which for now gives good results.
    Other drugs are pronison, trental, and drugs on
    collagen degradation enzyme base.
    The most effective therapy is with the xiaflex enzyme given under anesthesia, but this therapy is quite expensive.
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    Hi, Thank You for sharing,

    All my test including a Doppler have came back good.
    How do you control unwanted erections while taking cialis ? Sometimes, I get them in my sleep. Should, I take it in the morning? Also in your opinion what time is the best to take sups?
    I still don’t know what it is completely.
    Perhaps ill ask to try the cream.
    Ive heard bad stories on injections, which freaks me out. I don’t want more issues.
    Staying away from masterbation and porn while using l caritine helps.

    Yes penile exercises are very dangerous and, I regret ever learning about them.
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    What is hard flaccid? And what is doppler?
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    If your asking these questions consider yourself lucky

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