Supplements and regaining libido

Discussion in 'Nutrition and Supplements' started by Sobretension, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Sobretension

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    Hi everybody. Recently I learned that I have vit D deficiency, so I have to expose myself to sunlight more.
    I obviously plan on seeing a doctor to get my testosterone checked. But besides that, does any of you have any experience with supplements?
  2. Stragler

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    I take vitamin D regularly and use either liquid or sublingual rapid dissolve. If not it goes through ur digestive tract and most of it is wasted. I also recently started taking iodine drops and man that stuff makes me feel super energized. I wouldn’t take iodine at night and they say it’s not good to take it everyday but I really like it so far. I’m mainly doing it to see if it helps my thinning hair.
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  3. Sobretension

    Sobretension Fapstronaut

    Oh I see. I know that iodine supplements work, however I have hashimoto's hypothyroidism and my doctor told me not to take iodine drops or tablets as it can worsen my condition.
    Guess I will try vitamin D and maybe some L-arginine. Thanks man

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