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  1. Everytime you are in a place where you could look at porn and normally would look at porn, you choose to do something else instead. That is a WIN!!!!

    The challenge is to get to 100!!!

    Your posting should describe the situation where you were and what you did instead.

    See my next post for an example.
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  2. Today I was alone in my house, I had my computer and a strong urge. I opened the browser and then thought about it. I then thought about how much it would hurt my gf and it would betray our trust. I closed the browser and went outside for a walk.

    WIN #1 !!!!!!!
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    today was an holiday and i had my phone with me..i would normally peak at small things in the internet like clothes advertisement etc.But today when i thought of weird positions and stuff i fell down and did pushups till i was tired..ans when i was touching myself i read my emergency notes for such situations and thought of telling this to my girlfriend and how sad she would be..i thought of breaking my streak here,i was really rational and i overcame the urge..
    so i guess i won right??
    WIN#1 for me
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  4. I'm alone right now and feel the same urge as this morning. I'm choose to post here instead and then I'm taking the dog to go on a hike

    WIN #2!!!
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    had hugee urge today..and i did start doing it, the pace increased as i started to give in..then by somebodys grace i could stop thinking of wanting it and i could think of what i would tell here, to my gf, and how could i study..because if i did it once i ll do it a lot more times till the D has had enough of me and stops responding..with the new light i went for a walk,talked to few people and had a cold bath..moods gone and prepared for day 2

    win #2
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  6. WIN #3 Feeling triggered from something that was on tv and having the urge to look at something. I'm making the right choice to not do that, do this instead and going back to bed to sleep off this stupid cold!
  7. WIN #4 Frustrating working on my other computer that is having drive issues, being alone for a even a few mins the idea pops into my head. Not going to do it!! My life and my happiness is too important to waste looking at something that is fake. I can deal with my computer, I can handle anything. I don't need that crap to make me feel better, I can choose to focus on anything else that will make me happy
  8. Win #5 Another late night being alone temptation and I'm still not going to do it.
  9. Win #6 I'm alone and though it is very light the thought is there. I'm counting all WINS here because we never give ourselves enough credit yet we pile on the negatives when things go wrong. A WIN IS A WIN IS A WIN!!!
  10. Win #7 Just feeling the urge to see something but not going to because I'm not going to give in. I recognize I'm tired and having a moment of frustration. The short term thrill would not be worth the pain and loss of my long term goal!!
  11. Win #8 Tempted but killed it by thinking of my long term goals.
  12. Win #9 sitting in this hotel room with an urge to look at anything. I'm posting here instead and doing some journaling.
  13. Question: is the counting independent from relapse?
    (For example, if I had 20 points, then resisted pmo so that I reach 21 but later relapse, say, the same day - would I still have 21 points?
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    1st point.
    I'm fucking depressed and stressed out, and can't get myself to stop procrastinating. Jerking off was my usual way to break the cycle. But I want to become able to control myself withot drugs or pmo. Fucking hard decision, but give me that 1 point.
  15. ccml

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    which do you think works better?
  16. Probably independet from day counters and relapses is best, just bc it's the simplest way.
    Well, I know myself, I must be careful not to relapse right after pprclaiming victory here and gaining one point. That's just the nature of my inner porn-monster - it exploits every gap there is and is immune to to scruple and reason.

    @ccml how are you handling your stress or depression? I hope you're ok!
  17. [​IMG] my little inner pmo-monster could look like this
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    Offtopic. I'm overworking, doing a PhD and having trouble with my visa. I have no idea how to handle that lol. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I start procrastinating. In those situations, PMO used to be a procrastination-breaker; it gave me a 5-minute pause where I didn't have to use my brain, and right after that I would get a dopamine shot that would get me back to work and focus. The only side effect was a terrible PIED that gave me trouble with my partner. I'd love to find a replacement.
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  19. You should meditate for 5 mins, that would be much better than pmo. When you are pmo you are definitely using your brain. In fact you're using your brain on steroids at 1000 mph. In meditation, you shut your brain off and pause everything. It's work and practice but definitely worth it.
  20. We only count the wins and don't reset. Some may see that as ignoring the resets and pretending they don't exist. Here's my thinking...

    When we pmo most of us feel guilt and shame afterwards. Some feel it for a long time not just like 5 mins or anything. We spend alot of time being negative to ourselves and piling on the bad feelings. Alot of people hate themselves (self loathing).

    We don't do enough to highlight the good things we do in our lives. The ratio of good to bad is like 1:100. By only counting the Wins here, we are stacking up all of the positive things we are doing, we are focusing on how awesome we are and how awesome we are all doing.

    Stacking is a keyword here because we want to create as many references as we can to build up our positivity. We obviously stack up the negatives when we don't feel good about ourselves.

    Having this stack of Wins we can easily remember many instances when we did the right thing. This will help us when we're feeling bad and think we suck. We can look at the Wins and say hey, I have 45 wins here, that's pretty awesome.

    Does that makes sense?
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