The Empty Red Cloud method.

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  1. Over 30 days again. After a long struggle to get back on a good streak. Here are observations from this time around on my NoFap journey. The EMPTY RED CLOUD method: First I went 4 weeks without porn but still fapping to fantasy. Over the years of being hooked on porn I had a whole epic porn narrative in my head featuring me and all my favorite pornstars. If I was going to succeed in this NOFAP journey I needed to clear my head out. I'm 40 years old, saw my first porno movie around 10 years old so I've watched a ton of porn (going back to the 1980's). After trying and trying to just jump straight into no PMO over and over and failing, I saw that cold turkey wasn't working for me. In the past after about 3 weeks of NOFAP I'd always relapse. I reached 90 days a few years ago but couldn't do it again and I couldn't figure out why. It was because I couldn't control my brain. As soon as the "porn fantasies" came up in my thoughts I would full out relapse (PMO binge) for months non-stop until I was drained and depressed. After fapping to just my porn drenched imagination for a month I noticed that the MO fantasies started to shift to more realistic sexual dreams. Fapping to remembrances of ex-girlfriends, women I've had crushes on , one night stands etc. I was fapping to sexcapades from 20+ years ago. It's funny that you never really forget your best sexual partners. They just get buried in all that over the top, extreme, unrealistic porn-star XXX industry brainwashing bullshit! The more I fapped without porn the more vanilla sexual positions and scenarios turned me on. When I got ready to move on to the real deal NoFap (no PMO) I had exhausted the desire to see anymore of those scenes with my so called "favorite" porn stars. The craving for them had been replaced with a healthy natural desire to engage is some real deal connections with the type of girls I use to hang out with before I got hooked on this porn shit. I went from getting lucky and laid back in my late teens/early 20's to....sitting in my apartment alone for a full weeks just fapping to porn in my 30's. I was avoiding real people and real life in exchange for a fantasy world created by porn producers featuring a bunch of prostitutes. I'm only one month in on this journey but I feel so much more confident and social. Life is good. The flat-line period from last week is lifting and all I can say now is I'm excited to see how I will feel when I hit the 2 month mark. NOFAP FOREVER!
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