***The Gratitude Attitude Challenge***

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  1. longjourney

    longjourney Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for the courage to be honest about losing my streak.
    I am grateful my wife sees this as a journey, not an instant fix.
    I am grateful for new opportunities at work that stretch my comfort zone.
  2. potato bop

    potato bop Fapstronaut

    Im grateful for

    A great doubles partner

    A friend

    A new bed!
  3. I am grateful for being active yesterday
    I am grateful for being able to be happy about the little things in life
    I am grateful for the nice weather here the coming days (spring)
  4. Pastoress

    Pastoress Fapstronaut

    *For finding excitement in myself about a trip and a conference
    *For finding an organic cotton sweater on sale (and that it is thicker than the one I was originally thinking to use)
    *For finding some healthier food choices and the gumption to spend the money on them

    ...for each of these, I give thanks
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  5. perseverence24

    perseverence24 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for having a bed to lay in.
    I am grateful for my family
    I am grateful for all my opportunities
  6. TheButler

    TheButler Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for not being in the cycle of regret
    I am grateful for my parents even if a times we didn’t understand each other
    I am grateful for my relationship with my God.
  7. IncenseCedar

    IncenseCedar Fapstronaut

    Grateful today for:
    • Four seasons (tulips and daffodils are blooming under a snow storm)
    • Books, of all kinds, that take me to other worlds and help me think about things
    • Pets who are the ultimate Zen.
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  8. stid

    stid Fapstronaut

    1. I am grateful for coffee
    2. I am grateful for hanging out with friends
    3. I am grateful for physical therapy
  9. Mitness

    Mitness Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for surviving 47 urges in the past 56 days
    I am grateful for the art of accepting
    I am grateful for my parents. So so so grateful! When i was a hardcore junkie, i hated them.
    I blamed them for all the problems I had.
    I was so mean. And I said so many things to deliberately hurt them.
    Yet they took me in home 3.5 years ago when i suffered from severe psychosis. It was a hell for them to see me break down that bad.
    Nowadays, since i got my shit together, our bond is stronger than ever. They forgave me and now I see that they were the only ones I could build on.
    I am grateful for the invitation of my dad to go on holiday to Norway next week.
    I am grateful for you guys!
  10. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

    i am grateful to come back home after work, satisfied.
    I am grateful i am knowing myself with reboot
    i am grateful for sunset
  11. db001

    db001 Fapstronaut

    I’m grateful for staying strong.
    I’m grateful for being confident in my decisions.
    I’m grateful for being inspired to do better.
  12. g2stop

    g2stop Fapstronaut

    For more connection in life

    To feel less anxious and more confident

    To be the man I want to be
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  13. Lewispalmer88

    Lewispalmer88 Fapstronaut

    I'm grateful I have ten fingers and toes
    I'm grateful I have a roof over my head
    I'm grateful I have food in my belly
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  14. James0224

    James0224 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful that I made a great decision today by pulling out of a situation that could have been very destructive for me

    I am grateful for a quiet place - it is so comforting

    I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given
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  15. potato bop

    potato bop Fapstronaut

    I'm grateful for

    The people who keep liking my comments

    I've gotten every off day request approved

    I managed to get a scholarship applications in on time
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  16. TheLoneWoolf

    TheLoneWoolf Fapstronaut

    I'm grateful for all the positivity in me despite the negative situations.
    I'm grateful for being able to workout and meditate after a short brake
    I'm grateful for being able to play badminton with my friends after a long time.
  17. I am grateful for the coming weekend
    I am grateful for feeling positive and thankful for my blessings in life
    I am grateful for my increased willpower
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  18. longjourney

    longjourney Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for friends to play D&D with.
    I am grateful that group of friends is starting to have deeper, more real discussions.
    I am grateful for my wife's efforts planning and prepping for the weekend. (Little guy's b-day party.)
  19. Day 4

    I'm grateful for this opportunity right now.
    I'm grateful for the book that I read a few hours ago, might as well read it more..
    I'm grateful for the love and caring of everyone in this forum, bless you all :)
  20. anwa9813

    anwa9813 New Fapstronaut

    I am grateful that I live in California. I've traveled around a few places in my life and seen the worst of the worst. But to live a great city like los Angeles. And to be a citizen I am very grateful for.

    Also very grateful that I can see, I could not imagine the disadvantages I would face not being able to.

    I am grateful im not addicted to drugs, I have never attempted drugs and never will. I know it would of drastically change my life and not for the better.

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