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    Hey everyone,
    It has been exactly 4 days since I have busted a nut while watching porn. I am DYING... I know I’m probably a bit dramatic but it is what it is. I have used the panic button and I’m still having urges. I have even been dreaming about getting laid. I workout daily and it helps some but them girls at the gym in those yoga pants are going to be the death of me. Any suggestions?
  2. Watch your focus at the gym, look them in the eye. Engage in conversation if possible it helps with viewing everyone as a person instead of an object while you are in the early stages and the urges are very high.
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  3. hahahah story of my life bro. Take that opportunity to try and transmute that energy away from their physical bodies and into what you're doing.
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    I hope you didn’t relapse. If you didnt, I just wanna let you know it gets so much easier. My first week I was actually in pain my balls were aching so much from not fapping. But I’m now day 18, and it’s actually super easy to not masturbate. I get urges every now and again but now where near as bad. You just gotta get through that initial tough phase.
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