Things That Happen When You Give Up Technology

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Targaryenn, May 15, 2019.

  1. Targaryenn

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    I gave up technology!!!

    Ok, I have a job, I work on computer. After I finish my work and in my free time I don't use technology(computer, laptop, smartphone, playstation etc., etc.).

    This are the big benefits of give up technology:

    1. I have much more energy and this is a great thing!

    2. I am more happy, more positive. Better mood.

    3. I am more relaxed.

    4. I sleep better. Lesser sleep required to recover.

    5. I am more present.

    6. I feel less anxious.

    7. I have more free time to pray, to spend quality time with my family, with my baby boy, to read good books and to learn new great things, to run(or make another sport), to do really good things.

    8. Clear skin.

    9. Amazing concentration. Better productivity. Brain fog gone.

    10. Self respect, self confidence, self contained.

    11. Better stamina in sports.

    12. Much less iritability.

    13. Greater focus.

    14. Improvment memory.

    15. More endurance.

    16. Better posture.

    17. More sociable.

    18. I am more pro active by looking for solutions.

    19. I become more self disciplined.

    20. More motivated, more serious.

    21. Feeling more calm.

    22. Improved performance at work, at home.

    23. Better habits.

    24. Lost interest in watching porn and masturbate.

    Technology destroys us. PM destroys us. I am rejected technology and this is one of the best decision in my life! When you give up technology, you give up pm, and this is great! The benefits of give up technology and pm are spectacular.

    Stay strong, keep up the good work and please sorry, my English is bad.
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  2. Cake Shop

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    Technology is a great tool. However we indulge too much in it. Sounds like you found a nice balance. You might even like to go camping or go out in nature with your family as well.
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  3. Puretim

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    I haven't given up technology but a couple weeks ago i gave up t.v. and movies and feel much better for doing so.
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  4. Moonborn

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    Giving up technology in the 21st century is unrealistic in my opinion. Unless you live like a cave man technology is always going to be around you and you will always have access to it. It's such a gigantic part of human existence these days and the need for it will only continue to increase.

    We shouldn't fear it because we have this addiction, we need to learn how to coexist with it while remaining PMO free.

    I do agree with @Cake Shop though. Too much indulgence in Technology isn't a good thing and i am guilty of this. We need to find that balance.
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  5. Iambrain

    Iambrain Fapstronaut

    Cant have your cake and eat it too. He probably meant watching tv playing games. If all tech fine but im sure you could see same results just using ur phone for a phone instead of instagrat entertainment.

    Bright colors and rewards release oxytocin in our brains. Breaking the cycle of using screens to achieve feeling of reward is what will give you balance.

    Being honest with yourself about intent and desired outcome will tell you what is ok or not. If its mere indulgence driving our actions we just replace PMO with a cycle just as bad.
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