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    Dry but very accurate market evaluation, IMO!
    Guy, you have a great future in reviewing and/or marketing!

    You might even try your hand at (writing) standup comedy! (SheMonk isn't wrong, the blatantly-sober delivery triggers the funny bone!)
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    oh i've heard about this app. might give it a try.
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    Yeah, I tried it. I found that it was full of people who weren't very serious about life. I also wasted a lot of my time swiping and sending messages to people who never responded. That's not to say that I haven't had some success with dating sites, but none of it has been through Tinder.
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  4. Tinder is pretty cool i think its a very easy way to pick up phone numbers which can lead to dates/sex if you know what you are doing. In my experience its like playing a game of russian roulette you get some good weeks with lots of matches and then bad weeks when nothing happens. Its easy to loose hope when you feel like nobody is matching with you. What keeps me going is the fact that i know i CAN and HAVE had matches which lead to dates in the past. You just keep at it and eventually something will happen.

    Meeting girls IRL is how its supposed to be but these days everyone is obsessed with their phones, just look at people in real life if they are not looking at a screen they are thinking about it. Meeting through dating apps is now the norm. I read a statistic somewhere that 80% of relationships start from online dating or something. Crazy how times change.
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    I tried, and it was very good in firsts year, later it was almost impossible to land one night stand, so I started using some alternative apps and sites, where I have better scores (actually like on Tinder in first year).

    Also, Tinder opened new trend, and After Tinder many other apps are launched: Pure, Down, etc...
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    Also, I forgot that since CL and BackPage closed their personal ads sections, you can try some CL and BP alternatives or some local classifieds both online and printed editions, that also can help.
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    my vieuws

    1 its a porn substitute
    If you use certain porntube sites you will notice that it has tinder adds. Tinder is bassicly porn. its a hookup site casual dating and sex dating.
    its all about appearence it has nothign to with preferences , hobbies sam views of life like other dating site its a hookup site.
    I consider tinder a porn substitute the girls have "hot pictures" so you can date them. I got to know tinder because it was at a porn site as a advertisement do i say more?

    2 no social skills or confidence
    Tinder doesn't improve you're social skills i would say it even makes it worse. it also destroys you're confidence even if you get a lot of girls. Because you are training you're mind that you need the approval of girls to be sexy and confident. I know guys who have lots of sex because of tinder but are the most losers allways asking approval they even asked me do you like this pants to me a fallow guy. They learned it from tinder. Obiously if you don't get girls you thinx you don't look good.

    there are only 2 ways to succed on tinder:
    • either be verry good looking
    • use mind games with texting to get her to a date and then fuck her. Like not responding at the first text to look like you are not needy, sending flirting messages, saying you don't want sex other things that are a game it isn't who you truly are.

    You will get more successful date by asking girls out in public in real life , by beeing confident. Why? Because when you act confident and honest at a girl she will fall for the true you not for the hot guy with mind tricks(online).

    Tinder gives you less motivation to speak to woman it actually creates more problems then positive things. You thinx you ar good at woman because you are banging chicks every week but in reality you don't know shit about woman how to talk to them how to ask them out and so on.. And when you see the girl of you're life standing at a bar you don't know what to do.

    3 the woman on tinder
    • It are either very insecure who don't get a lot of atention of man because of their behavior not their looks. ye even hot girls can have low confidence.
    • Or it are sluts who want to have sex until they are 30 and then start thinking about settling down. Or sometimes earlier 25.
    • Or it are girls who have been dumped and need affection and use tinder as backup
    neither of those girls are useful for a healthy relationship.

    4 competition

    Ok lets be honest the woman who are on tinder have lots of options because they use tinder as a hookup site, or option to get lots of dates. This causes you to get replaced pretty soon.. While if you approuch them in real life and have a first good impression you have a high change of getting the girl and even if other hot guys are seducing her. if you do it right she will be yours.

    5 natural atraction
    The natural atraction of smelling each other hormons and seeing each other is gone. Did you ever smelled a other woman you walked somewhere and you then down to the other conrer of the street and saw walking while she was looking at you. or a woman who kept looking at you and when you noticed it and look at her and smile she smiles back

    then you approuch her and you talk to her and ask you out.

    the natural selection in real life the smelling, seeing each other at the beginning. its something you don't have on online dating. its missing although its so crucial for healthy sexual relationship.

    thats why msot guys do nofap to increas there testoron and phermomon output and it works if you do a few weeks of nofap woman will start to smell you and look at you.
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    tinder make me relapse..

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    Tried Tinder twice. Once back in 2014 and in spring of this year. From my standpoint nothing much has changed besides the design layout and added features to boost revenue.

    The profiles descriptions pretty much stayed the same as well. The only difference between now and four years ago is that more people are asking to add them on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat and strictly using those outlets. Which is an annoyance and a bit of attention seeking. Speaking of annoyances there are also a majority of bots and scammers though they are usually easy to identify.

    Lastly, I believe a person will have more success is if they are above average in terms of physical attractiveness. In which it can be disadvantageous for an average looking person. Thus, it's pretty much a numbers game and luck. However, don't get discourage as eventually there'll be maybe at least one real person or who'll be interested.
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    coolGu, of course that a person will have more success is if they are above average in terms of physical attractiveness, on Tinder same as in real life :)
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    I used tinder here and there and for me, if a girl laughs enough at my messages then I will eventually ask them out. If we go out we go out if we don't then we don't. Never have I actually hooked up with a girl from Tinder however. On thursday I went out and we had decent conversation at the end of it she said she had a good time and she had genuine laughs with me. But didn't offer up her number nor did I ask for it. I dont know. Maybe I'm not as aggressive as I should be with the whole dating thing. I would just suggest to try and screen the potential mate before taking them out. I do not believe the girls that I took out would be the type to "hook up" right away. But I wouldn't know.
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    I did use it. Met quite a lot of interesting girls. Though I always ended up deleting the app. It's deleted now atm too
  13. Used it over the last two days but had to kick it off the phone. Too many temptations that made me want to masturbate to pictures of half-naked girls.
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    I've had an account for almost a year, 4 matches, think I messaged a couple but have never had a reply. It is true you need to be a good looking guy to get anywhere, because me with bad pictures/below average looks has gotten nowhere.

    I also have profiles on a few others, which I don't use. I had POF for a while and got 4 real conversations, but nothing else except 1000000 messages from bots.

    I'm actually considering deleting Tinder and re-installing POF, but my reason for wanting to go back on POF is pretty silly. All this and I've never been on a proper date, only asked out about 4 people IRL (obviously no takers) come to think of it typing all this has inspired me to say "Screw trying to get a date, I'm focusing on myself!"
  15. Thoughts I posted on another Tinder Thread.

    I would say early on in this process stay well clear.

    I've ended streaks of a few days because of it and not been on it for a while. It's got an addictive part to it and you are constantly judging women on their looks alone.

    It's the fast nature of if which should be of concern. Much like pornography another hit is a swipe/click away. I found myself keep saying "a few more swipes". You keep swiping wanting that perfect girl to appear. .

    That's my experience anyway but it will vary person to person.
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    I have a Tinder account and to be honest, it's a good tool to chat with attractive girls (when matched) and have a date with them when you success to get a number. Communication is pretty easy and especially when you put nice and good quality pictures (outside activities, well dressed, athletic shape...)
    In a year I had more than 300 matchs, I don't consider that like a trophy but more like a challenge to continue improving communication, seduction and lifestyle.
    The point is do you consider Tinder as a way to socialise potentially with interesting people (not only physical side even if it's a primary condition for me) ? Or as a trigger to fappin mood ? It's up to you
    Glad to be here :)
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    "...consider Tinder as a way to socialise potentially with interesting people...", well you are right, but Tinder is simply made to socialize with people based on physical attraction... :)
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    Haha that's why I wrote POTENTIALLY, it's not a rule but there are some exceptions...

    Even outside of Tinder in the real life, attraction is firstly based on physical aspect, it's our human nature we tend unconsciously to beauty ;)
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    Well, that is correct...
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