Today I sinned!

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  1. I think he means you have a type of "faith" also.
  2. Yes, sir. If you're strong enough, you can even avoid looking at the the face of a woman if you don't have to. Not saying that I managed it constantly but it worked from time to time. With God's Help I may be there sometime.
  3. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    The Messenger of God (peace and blessings of God be upon him) warned us against being alone with a non-mahram woman, and said: “No man is alone with a woman but the shaytaan is the third one present.”
  4. Listen (or rather read), I am an ex-Muslim and did not question islam at all, until I was at your age or one year younger. Then I fell into depression and got no help from this dude called allah, even though I was one of the few I knew who tried to take him seriously. But Jesus came again out of nowhere and set me free like a Champion just the morning after baptism, although I was making some incredibly bad jokes about Him not very long time ago. I thought He was just a joke like the dude above, but Something was telling me that I was doing wrong right after. I asked myself back then if it was just my own thought or if Someone else was talking to me. But the Truth set me free and I've been having the best days of my life since then.

    I prayed for a black muslim artist I met on the streets who had pain in his shoulders because of the work he was doing. He said the pain almost completely disappeared! The next time we met he had again some pain (I guess came from the Thai Chi demon thing he was doing), I prayed again and he felt better. He was so thankful that he gave me a t-shirt the next time we met.
    Another muslim guy and fellow countryman went crazy when some of his pain he'd had since years disappeared. He thought I was just bluffing before. His Christian friend also got healed and wanted to give me some money which I ofc did not accept. Those are just a few of the incidents I've experienced.

    Those who seek the Truth will find Him.
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  5. David stone

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    Im befadled of what i m reading here. My comment is directed only to the thread starter.

    Dude, you can stop running, you know?
    It seems that you identify yourself with a mental image. That is no freedom.
    Why you sinned? Why you arrange your life based on others theories.

    You should get together with that girl, make a move if you are attracted to her.
    Break the fear of ur ego!
    U werent afraid to fap, right?
    But seems that you are afraid of mking a move and having a great time with another human.
    Being vulnerable is hard.

    Dont project into future bro, take one step at a time.
    Dont be stupid anyway! Use a ccondom. U know girls are humans also. If you get together you can stop halfway and say: hey! Lets not be stpid about this - i like u but lets fuki g use a condom- lets do it tomorrow or now( if you have one with you)

    You can tell her afrer kiss. Hey i ve been thinki g about this, and i got a condom yesterday to be prepared.

    What do you think man?
  6. I think that was just the worst advice I could get.
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  7. Seriously? What century are you from?
  8. As a long time bible reader and someone who is trying to re-understand and reestablish his relationship with God you have "not" committed a sin i'm familiar with that scripture. It's saying that basically if you continue to look at the woman you'll commit a sin physically if you keep looking or thinking about her with seductive thoughts. God is by no means against being physically attracted to the members of the opposite sex.
  9. No, it really isn’t.
  10. If you're an atheist why even comment on a page about sin? I'm not trying to attack you or anything but that makes no sense to me that you're telling someone who believes in God what is a sin or not.
  11. I guess I’m trying to inject some sense into the thread. Because so far there is none. This guy is calling his very nature a sin. What a sad way to be.
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  12. I do not trust a book, rather the conviction of the HG.
    I lusted and therefore I sinned. It doesn't matter if you lusted for 3 seconds or for 3 years. Sin keeps being sin, and without remorseful repentance, there is no forgiveness.
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  13. SpiritfilledBeastmode

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    If every believer kept this kind of mindset, then we would all be chained to the lusts of our flesh. Jesus stated that even looking upon a woman with lust in your heart is the act of adultery. MEditate on this and perhaps change your stance.
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  14. SpiritfilledBeastmode

    SpiritfilledBeastmode Fapstronaut

    Your diligence in fighting against sin is commendable. Do not listen to anyone here saying that your lustful thoughts towards this girl are simply your human nature and therefore are permissable. Any handhold that we give to sin in our lives can be used to pull us away from God and the divine goodness of His presence! Much love brother. Feel free to reach out any time.
  15. Thank you, one of the few reasonable answers.
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  16. Luckily, I’m not a believer. I’m just a guy trying to beat my porn addiction. You guys on the other hand are trying to beat nature. Good luck with that.
  17. The goal of NoFap is not to get rid of your desire for real women. The goal of NoFap is to defeat porn addiction and unhealthy amounts of masturbation.
  18. SpiritfilledBeastmode

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    I do not consider you "lucky." You are living a life deprived of the beautiful and divine presence of our Heavenly Father. You have chosen a life without God, and my heart breaks for you because of that.
  19. SpiritfilledBeastmode

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    You don't think it's possible because you've never experienced the goodness of faith.
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  20. If you want to crush your desire for women then you are on the wrong site. We’re here to beat porn.

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