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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by slappytappy, Mar 11, 2017.

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    I was on my 26th day today, but unfortunately it ended in a MOsession today in the shower. I had not edged once until this point but I was feeling exceptionally horny today. The Ming was my fault and I know I shouldn't have been doing it, my plan was not to O, just to relive some tension and see my progress on PIED. The O on the other hand was was an unfortunate and unlucky situation that I regret. I was edging and stopped at about 95% to O but the water from the shower was spraying on me in that area and "finished me off" if you know what I mean. I'm now super pissed off and hate myself and have a few questions about my recovery. How far back does this put my brain into recovery? Did I lose all of the progress I made? Also, in your opinion, does this count as a full on relapse because this was an unexpected and unintentional O? I just want to be completely healed by the summer (June 16th, 2017). My original goal was 120 days of no PMO. I'm a 16 year old guy and have been PMOing everyday since 11 y/o. Thanks for reading and please reply.
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    It is an intentional relapse unfortunately. I have relapse without touching myself by watching stuff which I consider as intentional relapses. You have set yourself back as this is a relapse but you have not lost all the progress you've made. IF you go on a binge now due to chaser, you will lose everything. This wanting to be completely healed is not a good way of looking at Nofap. This addiction can stay alive for a long time and may never go away completely but you learn to manage it throughout your life and this is what nofap is all about.
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    I meant, will the relapse effect the healing of my PIED, not the overall addiction itself. I am not on a binge and have not PMO'd since. Feeling good on day 3.
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    Man, and I think I have it hard.
    I beat myself up for truly unintentionally seeing non-sexual pictures of women.
    Or even unintentionally seeing text that have sexual words (sex, or porn, bj, etc.) in them.

    What you did was intentionally relapse. You masturbated. It doesn't matter if you didn't intend to O, you M'd. Masturbating without the intent of O is called edging and is worse than simply MO. Edging is even worse than watching porn.

    The point im trying to make is that unintentionally relapsing would be like if I was on my phone and all of a sudden an ad pops in my face with pornographic images. I had no intention of watching porn, nevertheless I was exposed to it via a random pop-up ad. That's unintentional relapsing, and is only really possible with porn.

    You can't unintentionally masturbate. Masturbation requires consent from your brain, you agreed to masturbate. No one forced you. On the other hand with my previous example, I was forced to watch porn, it was truly out of my control.

    Yes it will. PIED is mainly caused by porn but Masturbation doesn't help as it desensitizes you.

    I no it's a tough addiction to beat but realize that you made the conscious decision to masturbate. It doesn't matter if you got horny, we all get horny but it's how we deal with it that matters.

    TL;DR this was an intentional relapse.
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    I agree with what the others have said. Dont beat yourself up over it. Just learn and try again. I dont think you undid all the progress. The fact you are frustrated shows you made progress.

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