Urgent help required! Keep relapsing

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a new user here but I've heard of NoFap. I'm a 19 year old male who's having difficulties with porn. My issue began about a year ago and it's been constant relapses since then. The period between the relapses was usually around 2-3 months but the intervals have been getting much shorter. I suffered from masturbation when I was around 13-14 but that was without porn and I managed to escape from it for a couple of years.

    Recently, I tried abstaining for about 1-2 weeks but this caused problems. I would constantly have an erection and couldn't sleep it off no matter how hard I tried. This led to me relapsing. It usually happens like this: I find an erotic Japanese video on YouTube or Twitter and watch it. I then get an erection and it starts to cause friction in my pants until I ejaculate. I don't use my hand. It's still causing me issues though. I have restricted adult content on my phone but these videos always find a way to slip through the cracks and I find them. I don't know what to do. My daily routine is this: study on my laptop, play games for a little, watch YouTube and exercise at home.

    I've never been in a relationship and have really few friends. They haven't had this issue. I'm on hard mode by default and I'm at a loss. I'm into Japanese women but there aren't any in my area. I've been studying Japanese for around 4 years. Also, I'm busy with my 2 university courses already so I don't think a relationship would be ideal. I honestly don't know what to do. I have asked for forgiveness and guidance from the Lord but I keep relapsing. Please please, any help would be appreciated.
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    u know the cause, make plan to counter this started from this

    its normal for early day of nofap.. mine almost 4 month and its normal...that situation wont last long and its a sign that ur brain start to recovering

    u know im into this jav too,,, like japan was my dream land, i have my gundam, anime, poster u name it, my playslist song full of jappanese... and i want to learn japan language after this covid outbreak

    but some of this i must leave.... u know like it so contrary ... for example i leave my gaming habbit like this nofap.. no more video game....and i leave my watching anime too... i disable my social media for period of time .... i unfollow and clean the history on my social media that have any relation with jav actress . and follow a positive account before i disable it.

    u must have commitment to do this, mean that u ready to leave all to make this succes....
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    Don’t think about not doing that stuff and start thinking about becoming someone who doesn’t do that stuff. Maybe it’s going to require giving up watching YouTube, it’s a waste of your time anyways. Fill your time with good things and learn some new skills. You got to learn to cut yourself away from the cyber world and start doing things that will make you someone who doesn’t watch porn. Go make friends, find a girlfriend (she doesn’t have to be Japanese, don’t limit yourself to that), create some goals and create a life for yourself. Quitting porn and masturbation isn’t about not doing those things, but becoming someone new who does different things!

  4. Here's my suggestions:

    1. a full reboot will cure sexual problems of any kind

    2. take it one day at a time, and you will get a full reboot done

    3. if you really want to quit PMO, get educated about your addiction,

    and abandon chasing women for a while, at least through the reboot.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions

  6. I mean I wasn't chasing women to begin with though
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  8. The work on the other things I told you with a little more conviction, Sir.

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