Using fear to avoid what you really want in life.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by elevate, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Negative predictions and limiting beliefs about certain things are ways to scare you out of taking action or working to better yourself in those areas. If you don't take action, then there's no risk of failure, mistakes, embarrassment, disappointment, pain, problems, rejection, etc. So your ego protects itself by scaring you with its negative assumptions about future events that hasn't even happened yet.

    If you truly believed you could have a better life, become a better person, and have great relationships, then why would you choose to waste time on PMO?

    Your level of problems define your quality of life.

    An addict has low quality problems like "what website can I find better porn?" / "where and when can I masturbate today?" / "how can I escape reality?"

    So ask yourself what are you scared of in life and wonder if it's just a way for you to escape taking the action that you know you should take in order to become the person you want to be and to have the life that you want to have.
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    Well said. A lot of people are clouded by fear that their lives revolve around avoidance. It's an eye opener realizing how much fear can hold you back in life. How much more could I have done, what other doors could have opened up if I wasnt afraid.

    The greatest fear of all is the fear to take action. One cannot learn from their failures, mistakes, embarrassments, disappointments, pain, problems, rejection, etc. without first taking action.

    I fail at life...
    There are people out there worst than I am. I won't let this hold me back.

    I made an mistake, so I wont try it again.
    I won't make the same mistakes twice. I got this!

    I was so embarrassed, so I'll avoid getting into that kind of situation again.
    I was so embarrassed, but now I will joke about it.

    I was disappointed in my actions, what will they think of me next. I better not let them see me again.
    I take responsibility for my actions, and I will own them better next time.

    The pain was too great. So I will avoid it at all cost.
    The pain was too great, but I will handle myself better this time around.

    All these problems are holding me back. I can't keep pushing through.
    I will face these problems one at an time.

    I was rejected last time, so now I avoid approaching women, and resort to PMO instead.
    I was rejected last time, but I'm still going to say hi to her. Worst case scenario she says no. Best case I get her #. It's better than not trying anything at all.
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    What you (and @Marik757 in his post) just said makes 100% sense!!
    I see so many people at work, on the streets, in the store, and yeah, pretty much everywhere who look like they are living dead and have never lived during their entire lives.
    Usually, because they have always made excuses and never decided to take those uncomfortable risks and actions that could improve their lives tenfold (if not more).
    Much of this self-destructive and limiting mindset is unfortunately (much of the time) due to heavy social conditioning from their family, friends, colleagues, society and everyone else they see on almost a daily basis. Instead of being ostracized, ridiculed, disliked and pointed out as the odd bird. Hence, being expelled from the tribe by taking uncomfortable action and doing what they really should in order to thrive, they just play it safe and conform since it is the easiest and most comfortable thing to do.
    It might be comfortable for some time but that comfort is slowly killing them from the inside as it eventually leads to stagnation and for every day that passes it becomes harder to take action if they haven't done so already.
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