Using Taoist meditation and other techniques while on nofap


  1. dragonslayer

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    Has anyone ever successfully tried out the Taoist meditation techniques like drawing sexual energy up and rotating it through micro cosmic channel around our body?
    I read various books my Mantak Chia and found them fascinating. Also, certain techniques given in the book by Chia, 'Multi Orgasmic Man', seem risky to try while rebooting.

    If anyone had any luck with these exercises while nofap or without, please share your experience.
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  2. Franzy

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    Hey Dragonslayer !
    I'm also experiencing that way...
    Did it succeed for you ?
    Thanks !
  3. Yes, I regularly return to this book and it´s exercises for inspiration, because it was one of the few written sources to me, that pleaded well reasoned for abstinency, but without delivering same moment all sorts of dogmatic religious demands/promises, horror stories or even guiltfeelings.

    But if you have read it, you know, that you need at least a period of about 28 ejaculation-free days to build up enough sexual energy before effective exercising.
    I agree, it´s risky and unadvisable to try before a complete reboot and recovering from any sex/porn addiction. Because when you are not firm with the exercises, they can become so exciting and in the beginning it´s almost unavoidable to ejaculate sometimes, because you actually have to arouse yourself sexually for the training. But you can do the meditation of the small energy circle already, I think it might be very helpful already be practiced and learned in a 90 days reboot, it´s an essential preparation for the sexual methods and exercises anyway.
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