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    We do things that cause darkness in our lives. A wrong focus on money causes darkness. Evil TV shows or movies bring darkness into our lives. And if the darkness gets too black we fall back to our main addiction and the destruction starts.

    Someone commented to me about a recent article. He said, “I don't care about the destruction.” I have said those exact same words 1000 times. But that was the exact wrong thing to say even though I believed it. It was dead wrong because the destruction led to depression and the last thing I want is depression.

    Don't say, “I don't care about the destruction.” God wants you to care about doing things His way. And His way leads to light and the beginning of joy in our lives. So take a line from the Lord's prayer and say instead, “I care that Your will be done.” Say, “I want to live a stable life and I want to begin to have some self-control.”

    One of the biggest keys to quitting addiction is to take an article and to apply it to your life. Maybe your issue is not a love of money or sinful TV. You just aren't active enough. So you need to apply the article to your exact situation.

    Think something like, if I am not active, darkness will enter my life (DWEML). If I don't forgive, darkness will enter my life (DWEML), if I stay angry, DWEML, if I don't connect with some good people, DWEML, If I don't focus on God's Word, DWEML. Take your top 2 issues and apply them to the article.

    If you learn the skill of taking a good point about quitting and turning it into a great point for you. You will really make progress.

    Today's prayer, “Father, take away my spirit of lust and show me what activities are pleasing to you.”

    Lastly, some TV shows don't bring darkness into our lives. Here is a list of TV shows that Google says are Christian.

    • The Chosen.

    • Ties That Bind.

    • Duck Dynasty.

    • 7th Heaven.

    • Sons Of Thunder.

    • Tetelestai.

    • The Bible.
    Here is a list of shows on Netflix that momremade says are clean:

    Highway to Heaven

    • When Calls the Heart

    • NCIS series (violence)

    • Heartland

    • Sweet Magnolias

    • Land Girls

    • Anne of Green Gables

    • Anne With an “E”

    • Gilmore Girls

    • The Crown

    • Fuller House

    • Star Trek: The Next Generation

    • Sister, Sister

    • Crash Landing On You

    • The Great British Baking Show

    • Madam Secretary

    • The West Wing

    • Nailed It!

    • Agents of Shield

    • Pawn Stars

    • Free Reign

    I am not a mom, but if I was, I would have to check out their site. Here is a list of shows on Amazon Prime that momremade says are clean.

    Making It

    • Psych

    • Green Acres

    • Cedar Cove

    • Andy Griffith

    • Monk

    • Bones

    • Heartland

    • River Monsters

    • Star Trek: The Next Generation

    • Jim Gaffigan (comedian)

    • Myth Busters

    • The Astronauts Wives Club

    • MacGyver

    • White Collar

    • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

    • Little Men

    • Ann of Green Gables

    • Agatha Christie’s Marple

    • Murder, She Wrote

    • 7th Heaven

    • Once Upon a Time

    • Last Man Standing

    • Mercy Street

    • The Middle

    • Friday Night Lights

    • Dr. Thorne

    • Home Improvement

    • Leverage

    • Planet Earth

    • Signed, Sealed, Delivered

    • Chopped

    • Army Wives

    • The Wonder Years

    • Malcolm In The Middle

    • JAG

    • Jamestown

    • Chesapeake Shores

    • Touched By An Angel

    • Duck Dynasty
    Clean TV Shows On Hallmark
    • When Calls the Heart

    • When Hope Calls

    • Chesapeake Shores

    • Cedar Cove

    • Signed, Sealed, Delivered

    • I Love Lucy

    • Frasier

    • Reba
    Clean TV Shows on Prime Time
    Here are a few shows on Prime Time that are clean. I am sure there are more, but here is a good start.

    • Bluebloods (violence)

    • NCIS (violence)

    • America’s Funniest Home Videos

    • American Idol

    • The Voice

    • American Ninja Warrior

    • Little Big Shots

    • America’s Got Talent

    App/ YouTube

    This is my FAVORITE series. It is sooo good. You will need to download The Chosen app and either watch it on your phone or screen mirror it on your television. You can also get it on YouTube. (Who knows when they will flag and remove it from YouTube.) Believe me, there is nothing slightly inappropriate about The Chosen. It is the Bible in living color.

    In fact, Dallas Jenkins (son of Jerry B. Jenkins, Left Behind Series) has gone to great lengths to make sure it is scriptural. FYI, start with Season 1, Episode 3. Then go back to Episode 1. Episodes 1 and 2 will make more sense and not feel as slow.

    Is There a Christian Streaming Service?
    Check out these alternative Christian streaming services that are like Netflix. They offer Christian movies, clean TV shows, documentaries, Christian comedy, and children’s programming. They all vary in cost and payment plans. Check out their websites for more information.

    • PureFlix-they offer Christian movies and shows, comedy series, and children’s programming. They have their own studio so they produce many of their own programs. Highly recommend this one.

    Click here for the full article and even more clean options at the end of their article.

    Clean TV is not a miracle cure for addiction. But sinful TV leads to darkness and darkness leads to...
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    Thank you for sharing this list, I think it will be a useful resource for many. Some shows can appear clean at first glance until the narrative takes a surprising turn, so it's good to have stuff vetted if TV shows are particularly triggering for somebody.

    The problem for me however is that I have a fetish for a common trope in fiction - a number of those shows listed as clean have scenes which I have M'd to in the past. There are fetishes for almost anything, and therefore any TV show could be a trigger for somebody, sadly.
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    For me, nudity and sex scenes are the triggers. I think that this list stays free from those pretty well.
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    This list is way cleaner than normal TV. But we still need to be ready to turn quickly from triggers.
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    We are commanded to worship God. And worshiping a beautiful woman (who is doing bad things) is the opposite of worshiping Him. For example: We find some show on Netflix that has a real looker, and the story is not bad either. Then your new favorite star does a very explicit scene.

    At that point, it is best to forward fast or shut it off. If lust is overwhelming you, start studying scripture until control is regained.

    We can not worship God and lust. If she is using lust to promote herself, we should not be happy with her. She will at the very least... disrupt our worship of God, and at the most, she will cause an increase in temptation and an eventual fall.

    There are thousands of shows out there. Satan works overtime to make you believe that you have to watch certain shows.

    The first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord you God with all your heart. When we make it a priority to keep our eyes clean from sin, we can obey this commandment.

    Fight to keep your TV and movie viewing clean. Strive to worship and praise God at all times. These two practices will lead you to a better way of life.
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    If you are clean for 3 days or less, it is wise to know exactly how much nudity/sex is in the new shows/movies that are now available.

    Pray: “Father, help me to check before I watch.”

    If you are asking Google how much nudity or sex is in ______ all the time, all you have to type is “how much” and Google will fill in the rest, then you put in the show's title.

    Pray: “Father, help me to choose a great life instead of short-term fun which leads to destruction.”

    When you look up a movie or TV show and see that you shouldn't be watching it, you will be tempted. So consider praying the above prayer. If temptation continues, get into the scriptures until you have regained control.

    Satan lies and tells you other shows won't be as good. But if you choose the clean show, and praise God while you are watching it, it will be better and your overall life will be way better.

    Psalm 16:11 Thou wilt shew me the PATH of life: in thy PRESENCE is fulness of joy, at thy right hand there are PLEASURES forevermore.

    With the clean show, you can have God's presence, pleasures, and the start to the fullness of joy.

    If you memorize this verse and that sentence it will give you the wisdom you need to pick shows which will not stop you from having a great life.
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    Praise the Lord while you are watching TV or a movie. Why? Because praising God was one of the reasons that you were created. David wrote in Psalm 113:1 Praise the Lord! Praise, O servants of the Lord, Praise the name of the Lord.”
    Secondly, TV stinks if we snub the Lord when we watch it.

    Thirdly, temptation can sneak up on us if we turn spiritual things off when we turn the TV on. Instead, prepare and stay in prayer. Before we start watching a show consider praying: “Father, help me to turn from lust.” Then, if a scene starts getting too racy, pray it again while you start to forward fast or while you turn the show/movie off.

    I was watching one of my fav actresses whose shows are normally clean. But in this episode... not so much. Even though it was an old network TV show, my forward fasting lasted about 7 minutes. I have no idea what I missed from the episode.

    Oh wait, I just figured it out. I missed a chance to ruin my day, week, month, and year.

    Instead, I kept my chance to have a purpose in life and a chance to find joy.
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