What Are P Subs?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by NooseAnchor, Jul 31, 2016.

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    This one's kind of obvious and also varies from person to person. But I'd like to hear what you guys have identified as p subs and if you've come up with any strategies to avoid them. I guess everything that arouses you counts as a p sub, right? I know that for me personally YouTube has sent me back into relapse couple of times. It would suddenly mimic my browsing behavior on xxx tube sites, thus reinforce the neural pathways created by PMO, and sooner or later I MO, then MO while watching YouTube, and then go on a PMO binge.

    Looking forward to reading your input on p subs. Have a chill Sunday.
  2. IGY

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    Porn is anything which is designed to stimulate sexual arousal. A p/sub is something that is not designed to stimulate one sexually but, for you, it does. Let me give some examples:

    • A beach scene including men wearing trunks and women wearing bikinis is not porn. It is a photo you might see in a newspaper because of an unusually high temperature and people going to the beach to cool off. However, if you get aroused at scantily clad men and/or women, it may be a p/sub for you! :oops:

    • A male or female bodybuilding magazine is not porn. Yet there are some women and some men that find the muscular look of body builders very arousing. For them, it would be a p/sub. :oops:

    • A clothing catalogue is not porn. But some can get very aroused by the good looking people modelling the clothing. The underpants, bras and panties may be more arousing to some than a partly or fully naked model in a porn gallery. For them, it is a p/sub as they are more aroused by the mystery of what is suggested but not explicitly shown. :oops:

    Taking the last example of men in underpants or women's lingerie, a porn sub can be more stimulating sexually than porn, for them. That is why p/subs must not be underestimated. They are a very serious risk to the reboot of the addict. :( There are no special strategies for p/subs than there are for porn itself. Avoid at all costs.! If tempted, take evasive action! :eek:
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    Damn, your post is on point! Are you a professional writer or something? :) Thank you very much for taking your time to reply. Very enlightening definition of / distinction between porn and p/subs.
  4. IGY

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    Hey, thanks @NooseAnchor! No, but I wanted to write something that was clear because it can be a tad confusing to some.
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    Love the explanation and the examples you give. There is no one definition of P-subs because the triggers vary from person to person and situation to situation. The key is to be aware of what gets the Fapstronaut in the "danger zone".
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    Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea about p-subs, darn I thought I was sober for 6 months but I have been looking at p-subs every now and then, and I fapped to them about once or twice. Although I'm porn-sober it's now time to be p-subs sober !

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