What is your opinion on prostitution? Should it be legal?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Becoming Jasmine, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Becoming Jasmine

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    I want to start off by saying that I'm against prostitution. I think that it's wrong for human intimacy to be packaged and sold like some product to people. I remember reading that in some places in my country where it's legal, brothels offer out little "menus" for people to browse through, as if it were like ordering a dish at a restaurant. I don't think it's healthy, and honestly it just disgusts me.

    But I'm personally not sure whether it should be legal or not. It's illegal where I live now, and all that means is that pimps get rich off of enslaving and selling women to perverts, ruining their lives. Some of them are kidnapped from their families, and some are trafficked by gangs from foreign countries to help keep them isolated.

    Many people have suggested that legalizing it would leave these criminals with far fewer clients, since they would have no reason to do it illegally. Other benefits could include a reduced spread of STDs due to enforced health regulations and regular STD testing, and some level of protections for the women from being abused.

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. kropo82

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    Have you looked at the Nordic Model? None of the legislative responses to prostitution work, it's too complex a problem, but the Nordic Model seems the best to me.
  3. Becoming Jasmine

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    I just looked it up. It looks very promising. I can certainly appreciate trying to get prostituted people the help and care they need to build better lives for themselves.
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  4. mouton1998

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    Personally, I am in favour of prostitution and for me it should be legalised.
    In my opinion, women and men have the right to choose what to do with their bodies and their intimacy, so if they want to exploit them to earn money, for me, there is no problem. Of course there should be special legislation that imposes limits on the number of brothels that can be opened in a particular place, frequent psychological check-ups on workers and so on.

    P.S.: my opinion is strongly influenced by the approach that the institutions have in my country (Italy), where prostitution is not illegal but not even protected and, consequently, properly controlled. Every year the mafia exploits the prostitution of thousands of girls (migrants from North Africa and Eastern Europe in particular), often very young and very poor, to finance their illegal activities.
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  5. SoaringEagle

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    I hate to involve the government in anything, but it's probably better off legal than not. You will be surprised that in many places where it's supposedly illegal that the authorities are heavily involved (Police and ex-service men involved in the night clubs & running it, pimps paying bribes to police on regular bases, and the police being regular clients who do not pay, etc..). The women involved get abused with no one to turn to because it's illegal and would land them in prison.

    But what I would really like to see is a widespread investigation of blackmail rings for politicians (Such as the Israelie Mossad honey trap run by Epstien & Ghislaine Maxwell), rings such as these are the cause of the problems most people have as they result in siphoning off the wealth of the country and some girls to prostitute themselves just to get a university education or cause widespread government corruption which means drug problems will be neglected.
  6. Mistersofty

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    Porn is legal, so prostitution should be as well.
  7. PerseveranceToday

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    Prostitution is like drugs. Just because it's illegal doesn't mean people won't find ways to do it.
  8. En?gma

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    I'm mostly in opposition with prostitution, but in this societ for now i can accept brothels. In my country prostitution outside of a brothel is illegal and actually happy for this, but can't deny that it should be eradicated in future.
  9. johnsoe

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    I’m all for it.
  10. PMOare4SoyBoys

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    If you're against prostitution due to the girls in the industry being treated as 'products' for the sake of pleasuring their consumers then in that same logic are you also against the overall porn and strip club industry? Also are you against male prostitution as well or does your logic solely apply to females only?
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  11. FutureKing

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    On the one hand, if illegal the women/johns can't go to the Police without self incriminating. Women get trapped into a sickening abusive life without recourse. Pimps make hundreds of thousands off the backs of women, and are rarely prosecuted. Johns if caught get some insane sounding charge like "Sexual Exploitation" instead of "Soliciting Prostitution" on their record to make it sound as if Johns are a party to human trafficking.

    On the other if legal the price floor will fall out, and it will go from a illegal highly degrading high paying dangerous job to a legal highly degrading low-medium paying dangerous job. Imagine a price difference of $200 an hour to $50 an hour.
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  12. I haven't studied this in detail... But I do know that in a legal industry, the percentage of people being exploited is always smaller than in an illegal one. Therefore, I would side with the legal side of things just because it's inherently going to be the better choice for the majority.
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  13. Yes. Unanimously legal
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  14. If their wages decreased as dramatically as you say, then they would join waiters/waitresses and minimum wage workers as part of a much larger issue. Class inequality wouldn't just affect sex workers, but of course it would be the next huge problem that we have to solve.
  15. magic05

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    I guess if you ban it, then you are only helping organized crime. Like it happened with the alcohol prohibition in the US. People will always find a way and then there is no supervision involved at all anymore.

    Legalize it, put taxes and social-insurance on it and regulate it closely by the financial and health ministries.

    Same with gambling and probably even weed. I think the Dutch model is very promising. All those things are legal, taxed and heavily regulated by the government.
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  16. Becoming Jasmine

    Becoming Jasmine Fapstronaut

    True. I guess there’s no way to stop people from doing gross things if they want to/can get paid to. The thing is, the porn industry is legal, and it still does a lot of damage to society. I suppose it’s better to have it be legal than some underground unregulated horror show (not that those don’t still exist), but I still wish we could have a better world where sex was an expression of love instead of the shallow, selfish indulgence it’s treated as today.
  17. Becoming Jasmine

    Becoming Jasmine Fapstronaut

    Yes, I’m against the overall porn and strip club industries. They teach people to view sex as something to possess as opposed to an act of bonding between people. I personally prefer a society that teaches people to care about one another instead of using and abusing them.

    And yes, I am as much against male prostitution as I am against female prostitution. It’s just that male prostitution is much less common of a problem where I live. Here it mostly only happens when a gay boy gets thrown on the streets by his piece of shit parents and has no other way to survive.

    To be clear here, I also believe that if we addressed the societal issues that lead people to turn to prostitution, then we’d see much less of it as a result. Many turn to prostitution out of homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, or even just being straight up sold or lured into it at a young age. If we made it a priority to actually solve these problems instead of giving the wealthy more tax cuts, we’d start to actually see results.
  18. Dub_Bass

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    Prostitution is pseudo-legal when you take into account all the variables and various methods. Private cam sessions, "meet a fan", escorting with the correct use of language, amateur content creators, and many more. Porn is only legal because it is filmed with a legal contract.

    But lets say states start to make prostitution 100% legal within certain red light districts...Then what? Just like crack or heroin, whether it was legal or not to begin with the same at risk populations would still be drawn/forced to it. People who can't find other work and do so to survive, drug addicts, victims of various forms of abuse, trafficked men women and children, etc. Of course there will be the men and women who do so as "escorts" but the street level shit isn't going to end. In fact, its already digital; theres men who market themselves as O***f*** managers who just take the women's money.

    Prostitution and survival sex work are a symptom of a flawed system. Whether illegal or not, i don't think it will help much.
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  19. But our world is not an ideal place, it has no meaning (apart from the one people give to it, and you cannot control that part, no matter how much you try.)
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  20. Becoming Jasmine

    Becoming Jasmine Fapstronaut

    True, and it would be stupid to think otherwise. But the world not being ideal isn’t an excuse to just give up and assume problems are impossible to fix. Even if we can’t completely eliminate a problem, we can make it much less of an issue if we actually put money and effort into it to change things for the better.

    I tend to agree life has no set meaning, but I still believe we as a people can do better than we currently are.

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