What is your purpose for being in Nofap ? What are you here for ?

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    Alright, this question seems a little stupid and nonsensical, but here is why i make this thread. What is this site made for mainly ?
    I suppose that here are some people who just want to try a one month challenge, or 90 days challenge, or some other type of challenge, like for example a week of NoPMO, or 2 weeks. But another thing i see, is that no matter how hard people try, many of them fail and relapse. Yes, i know relapses happen. I've been through this, before i knew about Nofap community. Ever since i found it, i had never relapsed.

    So, back to the questions of the thread: Are you here in order to try to break this addiction totally, and once and for all and forever, or are you here to try to abstain for maybe 1 month or 3 months, or are you here to abstain, just to get a girlfriend (or a boyfriend), or are you here to say that MO is good, but PMO isn't ? Or are you here to try to abstain, but when it gets hard you return back to fapping, or are you here to abstain for some time, and then relapse again, just to see what it's like, are you here to reboot, but when you are rebooted you become reconciled and apathetic and think that a relapse won't do no hurt ? Or else said,
    Is it a purpose of the life for you to live without PMO, or is it something that you want to do, but you are not so sure, and when you have cravings, you give in and say: it doesn't matter so much.

    Well, let me tell you something: If it's not a purpose of your life to break and crush this addiction and never go back there, you will still be addicted and you will still fall. So determine yourself today when you read this, what group are you in, and what results do you expect from yourself, being in one of those two groups ?
    Don't forget, that it's always a matter of choice, whether you will relapse or not, you hold the power of choice in your own hands, concerning what you will do.
    If you truly want to never relapse again and wrench out of PMO forever and this to be your accomplishment as a product of your will power and determination, and seeking ways for running away from it, you will do everything you can to not allow a fail. Failures happen, because you allow it, and it depends on you if you will allow the success to happen, by what you choose to do. Some people quit because it seems too hard for them, well, each time you quit, you destroy your efforts of reaching the goal and accomplishing the purpose and waste the time you spend trying to build your life again. Some people quit, because they can't imagine themselves being free from this, and so they can't bear it, because they are use to being locked in the room, doing what they do. And, we know very well what are the effects of a relapse, that come afterwards, and how they surely make your life much harder and make you feel like crap for some time and erase your positive attitude and self esteem and bring an increase of your vices power. So until when are you going to continue with this ? Till when will you think like this: 2-3 months, then a single relapse is fine" No, it's not fine, you are still addicted and if it's fine to you, you are not doing anything to fight your addictions and vices.
    You are in Nofap. When you are in Nofap, what do you do ? YOU DON'T FAP ! If you fap, you are not truly in NoFap. You were fapping and before you came here, so what's the difference ? So one day you are here in this site, but then the other day thoughts start creeping inside of you and you end up watching stuff in another sites that are totally opposite to the purpose of you being here. You must make Nofap a lifestyle. It's not going to work otherwise. Whatever happens, I AM NOT DOING IT! NEVER AGAIN !!!! The times i've done it in the past are pretty enough already. No need for more... This is my new life, i am not returning back to my old one.

    That's how we must think. We must make it a primary goal of a big importance, in order to succeed and do everything we can to accomplish it. It's hard to disengage and wrench out, but it's worth it. Even now, after 14 months, i still get terrible temptations and in my sleep i am tormented very furiously with thoughts and suggestions and propositions about such vices, but it's this way, if it can't get you when you are awake, it will try to get you when you are less conscious and the barriers of your mind don't function fully, so you can be more easily subdued. But as soon as I wake up, i know what i am living and what i stand for. It's hard for me during these recent days, but it will not crush me, because my purpose in life is to stay away from these vices at all cost.
    Don't let yourself become an easy target, strive hard and resist fully !
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    I am here to recover from my porn addiction. to be clear about my orientiation, and to recover from depression.
    i've read that nofap helps battle depression.
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    That was a great post @Never_Return_There. One thing I would add though is that you should STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP after you relapse. Seriously, that doesn't get you anywhere. It's like trying to solve problems in a relationship by arguing with your partner all the time. Only in this case you are arguing with yourself. Be one. Be determined. And it will work out.

    Anyway, thanks again! The post contained some stuff I needed to hear. Gonna get stuff done now.
  4. Never_Return_There

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    Yeah, thanks for the additional statement. I am glad that it was beneficial for you.
  5. Never_Return_There

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    Well done ! Are you turning to homosexual because of porn too ? (just to clarify, I am not one of those) I have met few people like this before, it's nasty. I wish you easy recovery and success in overcoming depression. But there is another thing i must warn you, when you reach 2-3 months, the depression kicks in and it stays for long, but it's just a part of the recovering process and it goes away after that, so be careful in this period, and be cautious not to slip when it hits you. ;D
  6. recoome

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    I was turning more into a femdom. Like hand fantasies of getting roughed up by a black guy or other guys. The urge to watch bdsm porn has gone.
  7. Winston

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    Well, simply put, i'm here to quit for good.
    But failures happened sometimes. I did fail.
    This is why, i reset my counter.
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    I would like more freedom and I would like to be more and more available to a special person in my life now. I would rather give up PMO than be distant from her and possibly lose her over time, since PMO puts such a roadblock in relationships. This fight is for me, yes, but this is for you, too, M.
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  9. Why NoFap – Kallosthenos

    Drawbacks of the PMO addiction:

    1. Rewires the brain
    2. Sexualises my view
    3. Trains me to be mentally weak
    4. Negative feelings
    5. Wastes time and energy

    The goals:
    1. Quit porn
    2. Reboot
    3. Sexual transmutation
    4. Develop a stronger mind
    5. Feel better

    Important points to keep in mind:
    1. Stay positive
    2. Do your best
    3. Control the present

    This is what I've written in a Microsoft Word file, and I've kept it for a very long time. These are my reasons and my motivation, my "why". Yes, I have goals like beating my longest streak and other things like that, but the ultimate goal is to quit the PMO addiction. I know that PMO does me harm, and that NoFap just makes things better, so I'm making it a part of my lifestyle. I will stay clean my entire life and keep improving myself, so that I can live my life to the fullest and be the best and strongest version of myself! :cool:
  10. kenpachi79

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    I want to be clean forever because like most most of us here i have come to realise how dangerous this addiction is it takes away more than it gives. Leaves me depressed and demotivated to study or do anything else. It increases my social anxiety and makes me look at women like objects, it makes me hate people. It is my biggest secret and worst of all. Despite all this negatives i still can't break free. I hate this addiction....
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  11. Initially when I joined I was testing the waters. I had symptoms of addiction and I had stress, anxiety, depression, and I wanted to make sure whether it is indeed too much MO/PMO to blame. So I did my first reboot challenge during which I found out that I am really addicted and that it is worse than I thought. Then it became about having healthy mind and body. The goal was to just heal myself and then test the waters and see whether I can have PMO/MO at healthy levels. Of course that didn't work cos my reasons was not strong enough and I relapsed back at it.

    Now, I notice that my reasons are moving towards personal development and even spirituality as well. So maybe that's what I need to make me quit forever. Cos just being mentally and physically healthy is not enough of a motivation for me, for some reason haha. At this point I still have some doubts. I don't know whether I want to stop MO forever or just limit it, or whether I want to stop just porn and not MO. I would like to be 100% committed for life but right now I'm not sure whether I got strong enough reasons to support me.
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