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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by speeds3, Feb 28, 2021.

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    You are browsing through a youtube video, and a sudden impulse arise, out of the blue. Its like you need to come alive, the body grips, the mind slips and you 'curiously' just want to 'check' that one x video, just to see it. This one doesn't count. I'll just watch it and get back to what I was doing, no biggies.

    But you know, that over and over again, this is how the trance gains momentum. The energy follows the image, and here is you are hooked, for the next hour. Your 'curiosity' was that subtle call of your compulsion. Be aware.

    Pay attention to the little voice that creeps in the background, that's how it usually starts.
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  3. that is how it happens for everyone. our brain rationalizes it and we listen and click one then another.
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    I hear you on that, so many thing's can trigger you, i'm on day 8 of NoFap / no PMO, and the only thing's i have struggled with are controlling triggers from TV / YouTube / daily life... seeing beautiful / sexy women, hopefully after 2 weeks that sex drive may reduce noticeably
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    Your observation is familiar to us all. I call this the trigger chain - one small ting can trigger an impulse which escalates to bigger then bigger ones, raising barriers of conscience and guilt to let the flow of bad stuff in until it becomes and insurmountable deluge and before you know it you've acted out.
    Changing your behaviour to avoid places or situations where these early smaller trigger occur is one good way to stay clean.
    Try recording your emotions - jot down what triggered you to start with and dial it out of your life.
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