Where does the energy go?

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  1. Steppingintotheunkown

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    It’s very strange how they have suddenly decided to release this and it did not make big news. I have to wonder why they decided to make the Joe public aware.
  2. Exit the Matrix

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    Based on the 1st law of thermodynamics...the energy released through masturbation is transferred to those which are abstaining from PMO. I can go deeper then that if you have any interest in what I have to say to fully understand the schematics.
  3. Steppingintotheunkown

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    If your happy to go deeper then please do, this is interesting
  4. ruso

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    Could you say that not masturbating then allows you to use that tension to other pursuits? Or self fulfilling prophecy?

    I used stress/tension felt at work to knock out the task list as much as possible, instead of masturbating.

    I reckon if I masturbated, I would have felt at ease temporarily followed by not having the same energy or built up tension to take care of shit.
  5. False promise

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    It goes to the demons that provoked you to perform the act in the first place.
  6. GhostRider@11

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    Well, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can be transferred from one form to other, when you are watching P or masturbating, your body requires energy to increase your temperature, manage your heart beats, produce dopamine in high amount and then also to ejaculate. So, to some extend you can say that your energy had been converted into heat energy because of increased temperature, kinetic energy because of high flow of blood to your sexual parts, to kinetic energy also because ejaculation sends sperms in high speed - that do require high force thus energy.
    And there is also a law that objects tend to remain in rest or state of uniform motion until and unless external force is applied, so earlier you were in normal state, than hormone took over and something and all happened and you went into horny state, and after ejaculation back to normal state, those movements are forced by your body, thus energy is required. To be more clear, earlier it required energy to start the flow of dopamine into your brain, then after ejaculation it required energy to stop that flow, similarly with your other body organs.
    You also loose spiritual energy, and also you won't be able to regain that energy, because spiritual energy is nothing like we can hold, it keeps on flowing in and out of our body, but once you masturbate those spiritual gates shuts down for a while, and to regain that spiritual energy your spiritual chakras should be in working condition, but you are already short on energy for your basic body activities, that simply means you won't feel any spiritual energy or motivation until you gain enough energy to activate those chakras again, which act as gateway to spiritual world and this world. Opening and closing those chakras require energy. It is just like wifi, wifi might be using emf waves to transmit data, but it does require electrical energy, similarly those spiritual gates use spiritual energy but still it requires your body's energy to keep working.
    Your whole energy is converted into kinetic, emotional or heat energy, there might be other things also, but I was only able to think about these things.
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  7. thinking_differently

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    Friction and damping in the oscillation. :D
    Wasted Mechanical Energy.

    God! Why are people mixing The Scientific and Super-Natural Theories here!:eek: Lol
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